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Monday, March 27, 2017


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Caitlin Tobias

Though I submitted my answer (female, occasionally or mildly) I am not convinced this is enough for an end conclusion.
Last year I have tried and tested various VR experiences - with several VR devices (incl the OR - such as roller coasters, walking around in a virtual museum, a mansion, a zombie shooting game of sorts, an F1 race car and such). The only things that made me uncomfortable and perhaps nauseous if I would have continued where the roller coaster and the F1 racing car. But. That would happen to me in Real Life as well, as I just cannot handle roller coasters, I hate them as they make me nauseous. (I've never driven a F1 car, but it felt as said roller coaster when it came to movement and speed). All the other experiences were awesome and I felt good. One of my team members, a man, had the same as me - with the roller coaster (also in RL), but he had a blast driving the F1 car...Also, he could not handle the zombie attack :p.

Patchouli Woollahra

Surprisingly, it's been found that simulating the nose in between your eyes in a VR experience can dramatically reduce motion sickness - the nose provides a subconcious point of reference to all the action going on in front of each eye, and negates the discomfort caused by not having that reference. It doesn't even have to be a real nose or your nose - it just has to represent a nose, whatever is placed in between your eyes in VR goggles:


Perhaps those in charge of developing such experiences shound consider situating such a schnozz in their rendered views while they wait for a way to simulate forces from VR experiences properly (no, your haptic feedback vest does not count very much)


I (female) can spend up to nine hours in HMD (even floating upside down) without getting dizzy.
I'm convinced that the human body can adapt to VR, it just has to be trained.
I started off slowly by doing VR maybe half an hour a day and then moved my timescale up by indulging in it 10 minutes more each day.
Also I think playing Elite Dangerous for six months really helped me, as this is a game consisting of 90% very calm movements which then let you enjoy the 10% of wilder fighting time even more.
And on the psychological side imho it really helps to embrace the dizziness as enjoyable bodily sensation (comparable to funfair attractions) instead of trying to fight it off as something unwanted.

Luna Bliss

God only made a "man & woman"!. this whole 'tranny pee pee gurl' category is just to please the autistic gender confused. the more we make friends with ourselves,the more we can see that our ways of shutting down and closing off are rooted in the mistaken thinking that the way to get happy is to blame somebody else, if it's not in your DNA then it's not a gift to be. It sickened me.
creation is the act of destruction that brings something new or deranged.


So, I think this is too simple of a survey. I have found that a sitting or standing experience, where the 'player' is anchored in place and movement is tracked by camera only, generates zero nausea - in everyone that has tried it, men and women, ages from 6 to 76. It is when you are able to move your virtual position in an artificial way, for example pushing a joystick, that the user begins to experience nausea. So far I have had over 30 people try the Oculus Rift demo and always ask if they experienced any nausea - all have responded no. But place someone in the Mission: ISS simulation (where you move about the station by grabbing handrails, or using a joystick) and most cannot take it past the 30 minute point - men and women.

So, in the end, it needs to be asked what VR app they are using, and can they artificially move (not just by camera tracking, but by a controller) around the VR environment.


I own a VR headset. For me it really depends on the game or video. It's not as simple as the survey seems. It's like asking, "Do you like things that are red?"

Eleri Hamilton

I've tried early vr twice, and gotten violently sick both times. However, I also get violently sick even *watching* most FP games on a flat screen, let alone playing them. Modern video games are not for me. I have extreme motion sickness in the real world, too. So I'm not a good sample.

I have not yet tried Obduction in VR, which supposedly has some things in place to mitigate nausea; but, again, sporadic nausea when watching it (even with specific settings turned on)doesn't make me hopeful.


This is a poorly done survey, because it doesn't talk about WHAT kinds of VR experiences we're talking about. If we're talking about Gear VR or DK1 with no positional tracking, yeah that makes a lot of people sick. If we're talking about room-scale with no artificial locomotion, that makes almost no one sick.

It's true that some people are more immune outright, and I think people that have been playing first-person shooters on PC for a long time are more likely not to be sensitive to it. But if that's the case you want to make, there's a lot more you gotta do to get there.


That zero nausea commentator up above needs to exclude people with motion disorders including epilepsy as I have not found a single person who has already problems with flickering, flashing and motion due to true health issues able to use VR headset.

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