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Monday, March 13, 2017


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Amanda Dallin

It's happening in Opera too.

sirhc deSantis

FireFox win 32 as well (latest FF, don't mention the windows.) thought at first was just the 'poll' page but spread to others - even to get here.


I wanted to comment or message you about this a couple weeks ago..

So let's take a look now, Hamlet!


Any page that contains a google form on it is currently doing this. If you point your console log to the viewform, you'll be able to see that it's window window.onbeforeunload event handler is set.

That may just be one of several hidden things that are wrong:


Chic Aeon

Not JUST you. A bunch of folks (blogs-website types) have the same issue. I looked it up and seems like it is an oldish problem with some code being added. I am guessing it was not YOU, but perhaps maybe Typepad? Or perhaps a completely new issue.

Living in a Modem World has the same problem and from the same time if that as a hint. There are a few others, but I don't remember them. No issues on any of the giant websites for me. It seems very unlikely that a group of folks would all add the same "problematic code" all at the same time (like the same day).

I am in Chrome but I don't think it is a Chrome issue. I DO wish it would go away :D. A pain.

Wagner J Au

Working on it!

Thanks much, Robert! Do you think likely it's the Google survey form I've been using?


The very FIRST time this box started popping up, and I clicked Leave, another box popped up which asked "Do you want to block dialogue from this page" or something to that extent. I clicked yes. Since then, that second box has never showed up. But it doesn't seem to have affected the 'Leave' Box, either. I haven't a clue what any of that was about.


Currently, yes. I noticed that it occurs on the front page with the current google form and the second page.

When I land on a page that doesn't contain any google forms, I don't get the message. This seems to be a recent change with Google forms, and not something that you specifically changed.

There is also a help forum on the topic here: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/docs/_Y_tYHRrLNg

While it wasn't a confirmed solution, one poster mentions the ability to set a sandbox attribute to the iframe to prevent this.


I was also able to confirm that the issue is related to the google form by removing the iframe with Chrome's element inspector then switching pages.

Wagner J Au

Wow Robert, thanks again -- I'll try putting the forms beneath the homepage.

Chic Aeon

This is fixed for me but all the avatar icons now have broken image markers :D.

Note that LIMW is also fixed for me today :D. Also a Win10 update (a big one) just happened on my desktop.

It is always something.

Glad you are making progress.

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