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Friday, March 10, 2017


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baron munchausen

Really gets the noggin joggin

baron munchausen

Anuschka Blommers and Niels Schumm, btw.

Anuschka Blommers

Credit should be given to original artist and their idea.

Whiskey Monday

The original artist is credited. She's me. Inspired by me.

baron munchausen

Hey guys check out my new piece, inspired by me.

Whiskey Monday

You're right. I should credit every work of art I've ever viewed that was inspired by my vagina, or any other vagina. Perhaps, to be safe, I should also credit every work I've ever viewed that utilizes light, shadow, female references, architecture, color theory, space, shape, and metaphor.

i am happily inspired by everything I've ever viewed. But most especially, by my vagina.

baron munchausen

I've kept really busy with my art lately, here's another one I'm quite proud of. I call it... Consensual


While I think Anuschka Blommer's art is evocative and intriguing, it is conceptually very different than Whiskey Monday's piece. Blommer is finding the erotic in everyday objects such as light fixture, piece of paper, or a book. That's brilliant and intriguing. It's disappointing that an artist as obviously talented as Blommer erases her own innovation. There's nothing particularly exciting about vaginal metaphors in and of themselves. That's been happening for a long time, even before O'Keefe. Blommer's innovation is finding the erotic without manipulation, in the quotidian.

Monday is not doing that. She is creating a build that represents her vagina and the steep road to consent. The superficial similarities are dwarfed by the conceptual distinction. Monday's work is not emphasizing the erotic, but the process of consent.

It's almost as though Blommers does not understand her own art.


It occurred to me that the Blommers' comment above could be forged by some troll. In that case, I withdraw the conclusion that Blommers' does not understand her own art and will instead suggest that the person posting under her name does not understand Blommer's art.

baron munchausen

Now this, is something I'm really proud of. It evokes the duality of female sexuality in a very stark but romantic way. I call it Scissoring

I know

Most North American artists are just thieves in every sense of the word, whether it's culture, land or ideas.

Look it up.

Marianne McCann

Hi! Is this where we come to derail the presentation of a perfectly solid image? I brought salsa.

Han Held

I thought popcorn was the customary snack? ...suppose no one has a microwave.

Whiskey Monday's image is unique and has a different concept and message ...again, one that is her own.

Then again, what is it that haters do...?

Amanda Dallin

The only art that is not derivative of previous art was painted on cave walls many thousand years ago.

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