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Monday, April 10, 2017


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Amanda Dallin

"... maybe the company just decided to punt the problem over to the users, in hopes they figure out how to recreate racial difference on their own."

Well LL pretty much punted everything else too the users to figure out.

Another point would be that the majority of SL Users in the early days were Caucasian and of European origin. That is still true of a large percentage of SL today. Most people want an avatar that reflects an idealized version of themselves. Thats less racism and more narcissism.

Raven Dallagio

Linden lab is not racist. Why do people have to throw out the racist card. I have seen lovely wonderful ebony skins, hairs, mesh products, clothing, designed for specifically persons of color.
If you have done your research you would have known that Linden Labs has asked creators to help with the avatars that you do see above. So this is a collaboration between LL and other creators inside of SL, and does not represent Secondlife as a whole.
Our community is based on revenue. And in order to properly create your avatar you must buy into the game, especially when it comes to ethnicity. Or else you get a standardized avatar.
I think you believe that these characters are this way because of their shape and skin. But for instance, you can create a lovely ebony shaped person from any of the darker skins if you took the time to work on your shape. Thanks

Wagner J Au

LOL I can literally see the comment "Why do people have to throw out the racist card" and the line "None of this, of course, is to imply that Linden Lab is racist" on the same screen!


True-to-SL diversity in the default avatar lineup would include a furry or a biker for example, basic representatives of a community found in SL.

I am a (bi-racial) black woman. This is a fact that has been a consistent part of my 10 year residency in Second Life - I log into SL to ESCAPE from all of the social political bulls--- of the real world. After logging in for the first time, what Ruth looked like (for about 15 minutes) didn't matter. Customizing my new virtual self was the whole point of joining SL in the first place.


of the default female avatars of which I am most familar then 5 caucasian, 1 african, 1 asian and 1 latino/pasifika. In terms of representation I don't see any issues with this


in terms of the bodies being perceived as caucasianised then that speaks more to how body types are viewed by the beholder. E.g. Trim healthy avatars are caucasian by beholder implication, non-trim body shapes as non-caucasian by beholder implication


when creating a non-caucascian standard avatar the main difficulty we have is the lack of a slider for nostril height. There is a slider for all other nose aspects. Not having a Nostril height slider makes it particularly difficult to create a african/pasifika face on the standard avatar

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