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Friday, April 14, 2017


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Joey Aboma

Linden Lab needs to understand the importance of loyalty to the creative designers. That is why they lost a lot of their revenue because of their changes in the Terms of Service along with their poor treatment of Fortune 500 companies, government customers, and educators. I think yet again the lab is missing the real point. And last month, they started holding our Linden's money ransom so that you are quite limited in what you can cash out. They can provide limit increases, but require you show them a history every 30 days maxing out your cash out before they will do anything to help you. SL is becoming a colder place with less of a soul than it used to be. If LL doesn't learn from its past, more designers will take their work elsewhere to places where they can make use of their earnings instead of Linden Lab just cashing in the interest they make off having those Linden's untouchable by the people that earned them.

Chic Aeon

The cash out changes -- for some of us -- appeared to simply be a way of getting more fees for The Lab. Those of us not making over the amount that caps the fee percentage could no longer wait a bit and then take money out. And some of us (lots of talk on the forums) ended up not being able to cash out all our money -- as you say.

Oddly this doesn't seem to have affected everyone evenly as I have friends who say they have much higher cashing out abilities than they use (or will likely ever use) and that nothing changed "for them". Others had their previous cashing out abilities lowered (Chic waves hands). So it is a bit of a mystery what the real purpose was and why it wasn't implemented equally across the board.

Right now SL is the best game in town for creators, but I do agree that many are less happy these days with some just going through the motions. That's pretty sad really. I hope it turns around.

metacam oh

“We believe this model is too expensive and meanwhile we have this massive GDP, none of which Linden Lab captures.”

Surprised this last part didn't raise more eyebrows. On one hand we know this is a BS statement, they do get paid out of the SL GDP, and on the other hand this reeks of corporate greed. The Lab has gone too corporate, run by a board and beholden to it's investors. The next big thing isn't built within the parameters that are set by greedy board members.

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