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Monday, April 10, 2017


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Patchouli Woollahra

The key concept for SL play in general has been 'paideia' - the act of spontaneous action, exploration and learning about self and others. While there are ludologically based (i.e. fun grounded in structured rules) roleplay systems in SL all over the place (see: Vampires, Breedables, Tringo, Life2, Pregnancy simulators etc), many of them are voluntary and it is easily possible, with imagination and a little chutzpah, to wind up with 'gameplay' in Second Life that complies with few rules save the Terms of Service set out by Linden Lab.

And for all the legalese that has entered the ToS LL put out in recent years, it still circumscribes precious little on top of what the State of California and the USA federal authorities have deemed illegal. Maybe ageplay is illegal. Maybe banks aren't allowed except with a genuine bank license. Maybe speech starts costing dearly once you use it to spread hatred and discrimination. But very little extra is set in cold ink on real paper.

This is why you can walk into Second Life and bump into an unpredictable variety of people and activities - when the ruleset and codebase is focused more on what you CAN'T do, a lot can spring up in the area it doesn't address.

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