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Friday, April 21, 2017


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Han Held

For the longest time, at SLU her user title was "oddly controversial" which is 110% apt. She's given a lot of great advice over the years (her camera pre-sets make SL a million times better) but people tend to react to her like she's the second coming of Charles Manson.

I've never really understood it.

Glad to see her written up here; her scale and building guides are invaluable for improving Secondlife.

Chic Aeon

One of the biggest problems is that the "average" SL consumer has no idea how "bad mesh" can hamper their pleasurable experience in SL. Lag, crashing, cough and sputtering, a myriad of jelly dolls. All these things could be avoided by simply learning what to look for -- especially in mesh.

IF there were some controls on the uploader (besides fees) then there would be less high poly mesh around. The idea that since it is worn it doesn't matter is of course ludicrous. LOL. It MATTERS.

In Cloud Party there were enforced limits that we learned to work with and still make some pretty good stuff. Not a bad idea.


There is a lot to do in the viewer to optimize graphics. Time to rewrite it? Occlusion culling on sim level?

When you optimize the graphics SL works good with the VR headsets.

Carlos Loff

If Linden did not care about SL improvement when SL was their solo income, now with Sansar they care even less - But Sansar will not be a success, I KNOW IT, they will get back to SL or sell it to cash out

Han Held

>If Linden did not care about SL improvement

Typical hater idiocy.

Let's break this down:
A brief, non-extensive list of improvements LL has implemented;

1) Designing and implementing the SL protocol -period.
2) Being the primary development force behind the viewer you use.
3) Windlight graphics
4) Flexible prims
5) Greater build heights (up to 4096 if I remember right, from 1024 or so)
6) Fitted Mesh
7) Bento (not coming to opensim anytime soon), which allows for realistic hand, facial and attachment (tails) movement
8) Region windlight

It's fine to love opensim, but understand that 9/10ths of the things you use there are a result of innovations developed by Linden Labs -and lay off the hater ade.

Han Held

My point being -if LL did not care about the platform, they would not keep extending it.

Patchouli Woollahra

Han: nicely put, there have been some negative changes though, but one may argue they were put in to buy time for the SL grid to keep supporting Residents and LL just a while longer till LL makes Sansar sustainable or cashes out to go back and extend SL solely again.

I just wish they hadn't canned the surname system for newcomers- while select choices wound up eliciting controversy or griefer abuse, for the most part the system also established a cornerstone for SL identities far more stable than any Display name that you could change weekly. And some of the results were delightful in their serendipity, before you even added in what the people who took a certain combination of names wound up doing in SL.

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