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Monday, April 17, 2017


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Imagin Illyar

I think Space has more potential than Sansar.


"I think Space has more potential than Sansar."

Definitely. Log in, click the Explore button and search for "Sudin". This is a terrific region for cyberpunk lovers.


Aw, thanks. :)

Yeah - Sudin is my test bed region, I've been messing with it a lot lately, I wish I had more time to really finish it up - one of these weekends I will :) I've got a grand plan involving designing & placing 4kmĀ² of city - of course that also tends to take a while. ;)

[I'm a big believer in building tools I want to use, so my weekends tend to get sucked into making all sorts of things.]

One minor point to the original article - this stuff is actually live and out now, we released these features in the April viewer update. I've updated my two regions (Zone 54B - pictured above), and Sudin to use the new post & volumetrics; and I know a few of our creators have started using them in their regions too (although most of it's on our creator grid, not yet migrated to the live grid). :)

If you're a designer and want to mess with the new features, just grab the experimental 9.8 editor pack from the forum to use the new components; they should be fairly straight forward, but we are still documenting all the new things. (Forum link: https://forum.sine.space/threads/experimental-editor-packs.16974/ )

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