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Tuesday, April 04, 2017


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In my opinion this poll is mostly worthless - what software/game were they using? Were they standing or sitting? What VR system were they using? The smartphone VR headsets suck compared to the Rift or Vive. There are just too many variables to make any kind of educated conclusion.

Dirk Grantly

I published on this a while back. It's not just gender, but a solid 10% of any population will experience VR nausea. There's a genetic component implied by parallel studies in other motion-induced illness, and none of this can be attributable to visual latency, as the OR folks were claiming during the release of the DK2.


With Rift CV1, I experience zero nausea IF I am not virtually moving an avatar within the simulated environment. If I do that (Mission: ISS anyone) then I last at best 20-30 minutes before nausea takes over.

Rift DK1 would make me slightly nauseated standing still and looking around after a few minutes - CV1 does not. So, first hand experience is that some nausea can be induced by visual latency issues (DK1 latency vs CV1 lack of). Or it could be that I have just built up a 'resistance' to minor VR induced nausea. I doubt that however as others I work with that tried the DK1 reported the same feelings, and so far not a single co-worker (over 30 so far) has reported any nausea after trying the CV1 demo, but have reported feeling light headed or nauseated after 'playing' Mission: ISS.

Latency is no longer relevant in higher end VR such as Rift CV1, but perhaps is an issue using smartphone/VR combos. The problem I have here is that this survey does not differentiate between all of the incarnations of VR that are currently available - from the crappy $10 headsets to the Rift/Vive $600+ setups, neither does it take into account the type (game/application, sitting/standing, moving/stationary) of VR that the end user is experiencing.

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