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Monday, May 01, 2017


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Ah, so it is a sandbox for people who dont work as game developers to try to develope a game. Just like the indie area of steam lets people who are independent coders to write and market independent games. So it isnt the sl2 weve been waiting for, but yet another non virtual world product, bent on getting money from customers it doesnt have today.

Tell me something. Aside from whether the games are great or they stick on ice, which will vary from game to game and developer to developer, is there an enormous amount of attention paid to the indie games? And did Steam bet the farm on people rushing to the indie page, as LL seems to be doing?

Miguel Santos

I am sad that both sine.space and sansar opted by the "boxed" VR. it is the most UnVR idea ever.... SL is more VR more immersive then both later examples by far. Even text worlds that came way before SL were more VR then Sansar... Reality is not confined in boxes... even stuck in this planet we know we can escape it with enough force... Virtual Reality is supposed to be a virtual world where you experience reality like spaces open worlds... not a holodeck room where you feel presence..as you are just feeling a Schrödinger cat presence waiting for the poison to come and bore you to death. Like the space race that took us to the moon for years later we barely make it out of our atmosphere.... sometimes we regress in technology... i hope with space X and some new companies getting into VR we course correct...or we are doomed to wait another few decades for our multiverse to get started. Going backwards is not getting it started.

Lars Bergeson

So if this is true then Sansar will be a competitor to Unity?

metacam oh

he's boggled that people don't get Sansar a super secretive project with very little info released on it and he's boggled no one knows what it is?


I have a feeling LL was going in one direction with Sansar. Then looked at the other so called VR worlds ( they are very very empty.) And now need another six months to try to figure out what to do?

Carlos Loff

Lower a LOT SL tiers and everyone will be Floking back to SL - Make more money with US and make us more happy - Lower tiers does not mean less money overall, it means many more paying customers - It also means most Tenants will stop renting from Barons and will start their own sims and worlds, so the money will go to LK instead of Land Barons - I have spent around 2.000$ in Opensim in the last 12 months but I would gladly spend them on SL, taking advantage of bigger friends community and superb inventory collections - Nothing, except tiers, prevents SL from expanding and flourishing, making LL even more profitable - Absolutely nithing, even Opensimers will flock back - Lower the damm tiers

sirhc deSantis

The phrase '(deleted rude word) obvious' springs to mind. What limited actual intel thats been gathered has pointed at this. So whats the big surprise =^^=
Still be worth a look at. And yeah selling to creators? Ahem tsquid, existing unity, yadda yadda whats the prob there?
I like the 'competitor to unity' thing as well. I mean, why not? Be fun to compare the two for developing in (as already have done unity and a few others).

Clara Seller

"Second Life's creator is building a 'WordPress for social VR'" -12/21/16. If that doesn't explain it, then I don't know what does. WordPress = Game Engine. It's like a game engine for amateurs with professional building skills. "Content Creators are King" It's crowning content creators in a Wordpress-like environment for virtual reality. Actually, it's like a stew of buzz words that are meant to create excitement without actually committing to any specific details.

Sansar is like a slippery politician that throws out disjointed shiny pieces of a puzzle and keeps other pieces of the puzzle privy to a close knit group under gag order. Yes, we are stupid, stupid, stupid for not seeing the obvious. It's an "experience" you idiot! Can we experience the "experience"? No, not at this time.

Sansar is hope and change. I'm with Sansar. We're stronger together with Sansar. Sansar is making VR great again. If you don't understand, it's because you're dumb. They have been absolutely crystal clear from the beginning.

Imagin Illyar

I've been in Sansar. I'm not allowed to say much but I can say that it's not just a game engine. It's more like a souped-up SL WITH a game engine. LL is planning on making their money not from land and experiences but from a cut of transactions. They wouldn't do that if it was just a game engine. I didn't get the impression that their target audience is just SL people, but something much broader. What they call an experience doesn't have to be a game, it could be something social, like SLers are more used to, and it has more potential for community in that sense.

Dartagan Shepherd

@Shockwave "is there an enormous amount of attention paid to the indie games? And did Steam bet the farm on people rushing to the indie page, as LL seems to be doing?"

Not exactly sure what you mean, but yes indie development is the core of Steam. Although recently they're refactoring their approval process due to the abundance of "crappy" indie games. But the approval fee for an independent game to get on Steam is a source of their revenue and they'll probably be upping the price in order to raise the bar to more polished indie games.

@Metacam: didn't mean for that to come off as condescending, sorry.

@Imagin Yes, I get that. As I said, take a game engine, include currency, hosting and a marketplace, a walled garden and you get Sansar. But more than one game engine takes a cut of transactions already. They just don't do it on every single transaction.

That particular model has already been done to "some" extent by the Hero Engine (which was used to produce Elder Scrolls Online among other indie titles). Hero Engine provides bundled hosting, payment solutions and I believe even game currency solutions. And takes 30% of game revenue.

Likewise there is revenue sharing with Unity (sort of) and Unreal Engine (at 5% revenue share) which don't bundle hosting/currency, but do take a piece of everything you make including your game currency profits, etc. It's based on your gross sales on all related revenue. And they provide marketplaces.

LL has said as much that they're democratizing "experience creation" (AKA game development). Which means dumb it down more than existing game engines, bundle extra services, and make it easier to get a game built and live. The trade off is that you have less control over your game and how it's hosted and monetized.

The market is most definitely there if Sansar is successful. Unreal Engine for example boasts that their users have earned $10 billion dollars to date, which dwarfs SL user revenue by quite a bit. Of course some big projects also use Unreal Engine such as car companies for simulations, Nickelodeon uses it to produce some of their cartoons for television, etc.

I think Hamlet may be right in that their marketplace "may" include both consumer and game developer sales. If for instance they provide standard skeletons that are widely used by Sansar game developers (as Unreal Engine does) for instance, it may be possible for a player to have common clothes, animations and appearances that they can use from one Sansar game to the other.

Tim King

A very speculative article indeed. :) And I can understand that. Everyone seems very curious about what Sansar will be. I am hoping it will be a technologically advanced version of SL. I'm used to teleporting from one place to another, so the "wordpress" analogy is just fine with me. I don't need places to be walkable from one to the other. I'm too lazy to walk.


You know what i WOULD be interested in and would pay for?

Make sl an Adventureland for SL. A fun gaming system we can wear our avats into, play together with our friends a bit, then return to our SL homes laughing and chilling.

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