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Monday, May 08, 2017


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Sasy Scarborough

I would hope that Sansars Marketplace is a lot more rigid in policy on being able to monetise anything. If they had done that with SL marketplace, payinfo provided etc, then it might be a different marketplace.

sirhc deSantis

As it says in creators MP ad (full perm version) "Items bought in Second Life may not be imported or used in any other virtual world. Please join the M&M Sculptie Grid Exchange group to gain permission for transferring M&M Creations to other Virtual Worlds."
So probably legit (for any given version of legit I guess).

Summer Haas

I think what may be an even bigger problem is that many of the textures content creators have purchased for use in their builds are limited for use only in SL. It may seem like a given that they could be used in Sansar as well, but legally it would be a violation and the texture makers could pursue it.


Yeah that it will bring in the creatives and schools...lawsuits.

LaPiscean Liberty

What would make any content in Sansar different from the fact that all the content in SL belongs to LL. I haven't read the TOS, but I could point ya to where it is policy in SL

Bixyl Shuftan

I've spoken to Marcthur Goosson. He says the man bought the cottage from him, and can use it in Sansar.

Bacon & Eggs

My pal in Sansar has seen all kinds of stuff by Fantik,Cory Edo & hundreds, if not thousands of rare gotcha stuff laying around, but no way to inspect it for creator or know if that creator is even in Sansar.

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