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Monday, May 15, 2017


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Ernie Farstrider

In a recent transaction with LL I received very courteous attention and considerations of my "unique" issues as a very large art gallery owner trying to present art in a way that avatars will appreciate ... in this case by moving to a larger parcel and making the gallery tour less daunting.

LL would not sell me virgin land on Gaeta 1, however. I cannot believe they would dissolve Gaeta 1, so I am sort of angry about the refusal. How can they save Gaeta 1, if they are not going to allow established residents to make improvements there? Just does not make sense to me.

We reached another solution to my space problem. My galleries were carved laboriously out of small fishing shack and sailing dock parcels slowly accumulated over several years of patient waiting on the southern coast of Mare Secundus. The resulting property is lovely but has a diagonal sawtooth boundary on Protected Waters about 120 m long and neighbors whose ban lines or pre-existing builds make it impossible to build what I want on the arithmetic acreage, so I am moving up to half a region tier. I am not at all happy with the annual price $1,500 plus $72 Prime minus my "allowance." I would have taken this option many years earlier, if the price had been lower. I am doing it now because I am now disabled and spend more time on SL.

It seems to me that as a general policy LL should recognize longevity in SL and reward it. If it were a policy, stated like that ..."We recognize and appreciate our long-term residents ... We lower the prices for them after 5 and again after 10 years of residence," ... (I am currently 7.5 years a resident,) ... SL would stabilize and the commitment to building desirable sims would increase.

The staff of SL are hemmed in by the disassociated and peculiar business plan of Linden Lab. I would think LL would have discovered many time over that their service is popular across national and cultural and aesthetic lines. In that sense what LL has created is 'no longer entirely theirs!" Yes, they could decamp one day without telling us ... or even giving us '2-weeks notice,' but there is no provision for separating residents from "our" wealth and product inside SL, so I can assure you that LL would be inundated with law suits leading inevitably to LL bankruptcy. I am pretty sure they do not want that, so their best alternative is to work with us who have made something of all those pixels and scripts.

Orca Flotta

Desmond Shang sees the whole topic from the highly biased POV of a huge land baron. He thinks in sims.
But most landowners in SL are owning parcels rather than whole sims. I even know enough people who own more landmass than a sim but have their lands spread out all over the grid. A temple here, a gas station there, a sailboat dock elsewhere, and so on. That is, I guess, the reality for most of us. And in that regard lower landprizes would help us in buying more land, doing more business, liven up the grid, bringing a new age of renaissance to SL, attracting more new residents = PROFIT!

Amanda Dallin

Desmond has a good point that there is no evidence that dropping tier would increase land ownership enough too make up for the drop in tier. It would be a huge gamble on LLs part. As an example, if they dropped tier 50% and land ownership goes up 20% then LL would lose lots of money. SL might not survive such a calamity.

Eleri Hamilton

We had to let go of our chunk of mainland sim last year because we just didn't have $175 in completely disposable income every month. We lost our builds, pets, decorations, landscaping... all things that had value and meaning to us, even though they were 'just' pixels. But it was 100% a luxury we couldn't maintain. Even with all the 'perks', LL still expects $300 a month; and there's not a lot of people who have $300 extra a month in their entertainment budget. The people who do, like Desmond Shang, view spending RL money in SL through a very narrow, privileged window.

craig berger

Ithink lower prices wil help but need to additionally limit the number of sims a person can own . you have all these major land owners buying everything up and monopolizing the market. making it hard for others to maintain a sim. especially if they are renting out

Maxwell Graf

I love that you used a blue mars avatar picture of him. I'm so giving him shit about that next time I see him online. bahahahah. DOH.

Wagner J Au

FINALLY someone notices that in-joke!

Cindy Bolero

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed at their land or venue, but in recent months our visitor traffic demographic totally changed. For the last few years it was pretty much the same. Mostly older avatars (3-5 years or beyond) with about a third being 1-3 years. Occasionally there were noobs, but I was beginning to feel that they were becoming extinct. I came to the conclusion that SL was mostly made up of "Those that are still here".

Then all of a sudden, beginning this year, there is onslaught of new users to our land. Unfortunately, our land information is all in English. This new inflow of users are on average, one day old, and speaking Spanish, Portuguese, French, Turkish, or Russian. We have had to adapt with translating much of our welcome and activity information, as well as modify our radio station playlists.

These new users don't know how to use Secondlife at all, We teach some of them how to do things in hope that they will help others. We see a high rate of return that we never saw before. I'm relaying this information because if you are a creator, landlord, or events manager, this new demographic is replacing the old one. In our case, our land group team has chosen to adapt because of the high numbers arriving every day.

If it weren't for the last remaining fan base of our park supporting what land we have left, it would be no more. I am done paying SL land costs. Most friends and customers left SL a long time ago. I've revived our original 16 region continent into one matching land mass that is 3x larger now the size of 150 SL regions. What used to cost $1500-2400 US a month for 12-16 regions in SL, is only $15-30 a month in SineSpace. With the Unity3D terrain engine, there are no sim border crossings for large maps and a host of other unique features. Having to rent land and sims to help maintain a large land area and infrastructure in SL is a job I won't miss.

I still love Secondlife and all its great features and content, its just not affordable to own sims. Land barons and LL employee alt land barons pay less than half the tier estate owners like us must pay. Not to mention the hundreds of old education and 501c estates who haven't paid tier in years, yet sims were left online and are still being used. Paying full price for land in SL even with the grandfathered prices, tier reductions, and prim increases doesn't really help a whole lot other than we may keep it up another year till it makes no sense at all to keep it up.

Carlos Loff

That is the most ridiculous idea I ever heard and the proif is that many many many people are renting small parcels - If all those folks are able to give 50$ a month to a land Baron just for a snall parcel with all the nasty covenant limitations - OF COURSE - they would be willing to give the same 50$ or even 70$ month for a full Sim or even a Homestead - Besides, as soon as you rent a Homestead and set foot on it you can not go and soread your wild dream original projects because you know the rental clock is ticking and you have to go and polute your land with some revenue attractors, like stores or homes fir rent - There would be more new Sims than ever, the difference woul be ONLY ONE - The cash would shift from Land Barons to LL - So what sort of opinion will you expect from any Land Baron ???

Carlos Loff

Cindy Bolero - Send the Portugues and spanish to Me, I will take good care of them and bring the Renaissance - Loff Auer - on SL

Clara Seller

As in RL, it's surprising how many people buy into the twisted logic of status quo mentality... even when that twisted status quo logic is a slow burn to complete destruction. Who made the rule that those holding the biggest fist of money are the most valuable? Umm, that would be those holding the money. They get the voice and they get the ears.

But the real money and profit generators isn't those who are shuffling and skimming and it's not even those who create content, manage, and skim. The real blood is bubbling from below in those who constantly input in smaller amounts and never extract out.

Let's repeat that. The real money and profit is coming from below. That blood is given lip service, schooled, manipulated, marginalized, and ignored to extinction. Gee, I wonder why everything is getting smaller? We'd better double down on protecting land barons and maybe crown content creators king. After all, who else is there? Nobody that we can hear.

Omg, I thought we shut those channels down. Here they are again chirping about how everything is too expensive and ignoring our brilliant analysis of why they need to just fork it over, suck it up, and be happy with what we give them. All we ask from those ungrateful, unenlightened, little leeches is to mainline from their bank accounts on a reoccurring basis. BTW, we need to figure out a way to get more of those little "thingies" and get some that aren't so noisy.

Cathy nettleingham

It be nice second life would lower prices on owning sims I would own a couple myself or even offer free trail it ne great that's why I went to genesis metaverse cause. I get my own sim for lower prices than second life.

Aliasi Stonebender

Yeah, I think Desmond is missing that it doesn't matter if LL was able to give everyone 12 million prims' worth of Land Impact on a sim; if I can't afford $175 a month, I'm not buying a sim.

Masami Kuramoto

If anyone needs evidence of the damage that insane land prices have done to Second Life, I can send them ten years worth of landmarks of exciting places, now pointing nowhere.


Just now stumbled across an article from the Alphaville Herald dated 28/10/06.

It's an interesting read, if not a little sickening, but it's worth a look.

Hopefully I can add the link in here, but if not, then the article is entitled, 'Sticker Shock' by prokofy - http://alphavilleherald.com/2006/10/sticker_shock.html

So it seems that pricing - at least since 2006 - has been deliberately designed to not only exclude, but choke out those of us who don't come from the upper financial stratospheres irl.

So much for an egalitarian virtual world.

Explains why I had to abandon my parcels of mainland protected waterfront (couldn't even give them away).

I was really only just starting out so I hadn't lost that much (and hadn't yet purchased a full sim, only parcels), but I feel so bad for the smaller-sized land owners who've spent (flushed?) thousands of USD on LL in an effort to carve out an income for themselves with a handful of sims.

It all seems so wrong, so rotten and more like rl than the virtual world it's supposed to be. As usual, money talks. If this was an MMORPG, it would be instantly classified as 'pay to win'.

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