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Monday, May 15, 2017


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Dartagan Shepherd

We've heard this before from Rosedale in terms of SL. And yet Rosedale never found a practical application himself for SL, nor I think did anyone else where virtual is "better" than other forms of media. IBM didn't, car companies didn't and so on.

I've watched the wave of educators go from SL to Unity to Unreal Engine. I'm not aware that anyone has proven that virtual produces better education results across the board.

At some point you have to ask the right questions beyond examples of thumb wrestling and group waves ... is this better, more efficient and does it have practical applications in the mainstream?

I'm going with no it doesn't. A presenter that cares about their brand wants their real persona to be marketed, not a virtual facsimile. A course on science doesn't need a virtual avatar to juggle virtual planets like balls, when you can do the same presentation in 3D without the existence of an avatar at all.

This is the same pitch that we heard for SL regurgitated for VR.

sirhc deSantis

"Once the viewers are also in HMD's .." well yes. Or if ever, of course.

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