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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


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Bixyl Shuftan

Time to bring in Luskwood and Raglan?


"Creep out"? "Eerie"? Not quite. Just ugly, really (very blocky, spaz and rough looking).

When I go into a VR like SL, I want something a little different, not an exact replication of myself; if I wanted that, I'd stare in the mirror instead of paying for a membership.

Sometimes it seems like they're trying to exactly replicate every detail of real life (and very poorly, at that), when that's not what people like me are paying for or want.

Guess those of us coughing up the money every day/month/year aren't considered important enough for geeks and nerds to take into consideration.

You're right, though - they do get carried away with 'what could be'- and many of us just don't give a monkey's about 'what could be', only what is.

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