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Thursday, June 01, 2017


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Dartagan Shepherd

Kudos for "embiggenate". Made my day. Sometimes something hits you out of the blue and makes you smile.

Robert Smith

Wow, I hope Second Life continues for many more years. Seeing those numbers, it will always be preferable to continue in the RV that has survived for many years. Every time I see the SL Marketplace and see the section "What other residents are buying now" and see how quickly that changes every time I refresh my browser I think "Here the money moves and will continue to move as long as it is alive ". Maybe Linden Labs looking inside their own walls and compares hundreds of thousands of connected users and sees the tens of thousands that are always connected, you might think SL is at a low point. But if those tens of thousands of users who are always online are real players who come in to stay and not those who enter to dress and never return .... SL has much more life than we think.


The "what percentage of Steam users have VR hardware?" stats on Steam are pretty telling, too.


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