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Wednesday, August 16, 2017


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Carlos Loff

Altough for me the Avatar quality and ttweaking is quite down on priorities to choose this or that Virtual Platform, for what I read and aknowledge, it is top priority for most of the folks

Now if Alt-Space aims for huge low-avatar crowds on the same server instead of beautiful customized Avatar loads, than they should stick to something like an modern IRC version os chat rooms

It is a very bad bet to try and build virtual environments when you neglet Avatars - it will be doomed and not competitive at all, acording to the variety of platforms

Some playforms, like Opensim-Digiworldz tested an 350 avatars load at the same time on the same land and that worked, with avis moving and doing/wearing heavy scripted stuff

Alt.Space cannotcompete with SL, Sansar and others, they.must aim for a niche if they prefere 1.000 avis attendance, and I doubt, with this porr environments, thay can generate an event interesting enough for 1.000 avis to attend, so again, they better stick to an modern version of IRC Chatroom if the goal is quantity and not quality regarding Avatars


"...only 100 of them expressed an opinion one way or the other?"

I think you misread that - the 100 is a percentage - the number of votes is listed as 5,493 - roughly 10% of his followers.

Wagner J Au

Ooops, thanks for the catch, striking through!

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