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Thursday, August 24, 2017


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Chic Aeon

Just noting that Cloud Party used the multiple rights model and it worked well -- on a small scale anyway. Creators of "full perm" items sold those rights and were automatically credited with currency of the realm when the person buying their product sold something made with it. Percentages varied and were decided on by the full perm seller.

So that part of the plan has already been tried.

I am happy to see High Fidelity working harder on the IP rights issues. When I was there in early Alpha stage --- along with a big group of SL and OS creators, many left quickly (me included) when they discovered how very insecure the platform was.

If they can actually get some real protection in force then they may be able to attract more creators.


Although what Phillip is talking about is very interesting, I have yet to see or hear how this stops someone from actually taking and using the asset. Nothing Phillip stated stops anyone from grabbing the asset from the webpage and using it in any world, besides HIFI. So, HIFI created a system that forces us to unsafely put assets on webpages, but those assets will only be protected in HIFI. Maybe I'm missing something here.

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