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Monday, August 07, 2017


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Acacia Merlin

I'm on a Mac, so Sansar is out for me, but all my friends are in Second Life, some also Mac users, and I come in to Second Life to spend time with my friends. Also, there is a question of inventory, a home, photography (not sure how that works in Sansar), and that all precludes my diving into Sansar. I'm glad to see the user base for Second Life is holding strong.


Not having a Mac download for Sansar is an issue for me. I cannot go to Sansar until or if ever there is an iOS.

Patchouli Woollahra

if this is true, we might be looking at one of the better results of the co-existence of Sansar and SL - minimal or no cannibalism of one by the other. Two audiences almost totally different from each other.

If true, it means LL can have the best of both worlds... now if only they'd work out how to drop tier rates in SL.

Iggy 1.0

Even if they roll out a Mac client, I'm not ready to wear a scuba mask. As stated in comments for an earlier post on Sansar, many SLers are casual users. They won't immigrate.

And without my flogging a dead horse, LL is not going to get too many Millennials like those I teach, who have the means to buy VR rigs but who barely use laptops any longer except for work.

For them, if it's not on the phone it does not exist. But I doubt that was LL's target demographic. Those with heavily-modded PCs capable of Sansar may be a big enough market, for now. God knows that SL still brings in money, even in decline.

Clara Seller

The next few weeks will be telling. It's probably the case that Sansar is not going to swallow much from SL beyond profit. Now this baby is going to have to learn to walk on it's own legs. It's going to have to start working for somebody and the million dollar question is who that will be.

My big wish is that some company with deep pockets will look at this and buy it on impulse and take the development team, it's leadership, and it's cheerleaders with it. I just don't see a lot of honesty happening in most of the narrative right now. Hamlet is being honest here and the truth is alarming. It's a flat-line. This is the beginning of the big game and the cheering squad is trying to spin cotton candy out of ashes.

I don't believe this can be chalked up to two totally different types of people, unless we are honestly saying this is all about going after an audience who doesn't like "fun" and is willing to be challenged tremendously to not get it.

Adeon Writer

Considering Sansar was not trying to target SL users - I guess it was a success!

Adeon Writer

This is by no means scientific, but I checked with my friend and asked him if Sansar was eating into his SL time.

His answer was "What's Sansar"

Jefferey Heart

Most are NOT moving from SecondLife to Sansar because of the INVESTMENT. Many dollars have been invested in Secondlife in products, lands, ect. Having to completely startover isn't something that is appealing to many.


I had my creator invite to use Sansar a week before the public launch ( oh how I feel special). But I don't have he hardware, as in I don't use the Windows OS. If I invest in new hardware it won't likely be Windows, so I have to wait. Right now I have to wait until they make it available on Mac. Or if it worked on Chromebooks or Steam Machines I might invest in one of those. But I am so glad to be rid of Windows, I won't likely put actual money into going back.


I received the invitation to create at Sansar, like many I do not have the hardware, but if I had it, I would not log in to Sansar, in SL I have my friends, I have more than 5 years and I have accumulated a lot of money in (Furniture, houses, spaceships, boats, yachts, airplanes, helicopters, motorcycles, cars, adult hud-forniture-gadgets-etc, mesh body, a lot of beautiful clothes and accessories, etc), I have a lot of favorite places that are fabulous, my Avatar of a SL is better than ever thanks to the new bodies. What am I going to look for in Sansar? Virtual reality? My joyful moments in SL with my friends, having a full fun can overcome any virtuality come true.

Not Happy

Fuck Sansar

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