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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


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Just Say'n

Totally spot on being one of the best experiences in Sansar with Kayle building a garden of dreams we can only dream about in SL due to the impact system and overall past and current linden lab incompetence.

As for Maxwell, it was a given he would get a reward like a loyal pet considering how much special treatment linden lab gives to old residents who have had over a decade to figure out how to work the system and yank supports chain for favoritism .
I did not try his experience so no judgements on it, after his brutal response to JohnC for pointing out obvious things and flaws with Sansar in a past article here it made me avoid those experiences he created.

Sansar empowers land owners how again? the contest was open to everyone but even with a limited marketplace how could one create something competing in direct competition with experienced 3D Artists who had over two years to create there art in Sansar..there are no brave new worlds now anymore or on the horizon, just people trying to offer less as more hoping us credit card cattle will keep grazing, not noticing .



"Could be just a massive coincidence. Or more likely, that Second Life veterans are best at creating virtual experiences in other platforms, or that Second Life veterans are the most dedicated early adopters of Sansar. Or perhaps most likely, all of the above!"

Likely so, a thumb up for Second Life creators, but not good news for Sansar. If Sansar is unable to attract people outside SL, but few, that means we can't expect a larger user base than Second Life. Ditto for the market costumers and business opportunities. Actually its even less if Sansar attracts mostly SL users and yet it has... zero effect on Second Life user concurrency graphs. So far that's the success Sansar is having. It's still too early, only 2 weeks and it is just a "creator beta". It could take off later. Note however that unlike Second Life, Sansar started free to use and with some media buzz already. When that happened to SL in 2006, its user base skyrocketed. It's entirely possible that Sansar will be eventually successful, but these first signals don't seem so positive. Even if I can run it, I'd prefer to not expect too much, business-wise especially. But if you are creative, you enjoy to create anyway, even if few or almost nobody comes to visit your creation there, or it is just you and your creation (or your Maya or Blender, given that Sansar Market is currently laughable).

Clara Seller

Congratulations to the winners.

I'd probably give Bryn Oh a lifetime achievement award for her dedication to artistry or something like that. Whether you like her work or not, she's kind of like the Joni Mitchell of SL. You gotta love the Canadians. Just award her a sim for life and stop making her sweat bullets to pay teir. If it's really going to be a problem to give this away, then hand out one lifetime award or hall of fame per year. We can afford the Blake Seas. Surely we can afford something like this.

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