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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


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Franklin Lubitsch

I'm not sure that saying SL "sort of works" is accurate. Call me a cock-eyed optimist if you like, but with 600,000 active users (which looks better than the nay-sayers think it does) you definitely have something that works. Does it need improvement? Of course it does. It's not perfect. But it "works" well enough that people keep logging in. Will Sansar still have a substantial number of people willing to keep logging in after 14 years? Or 10? Or 5? Or 1? It will be interesting to see what happens.

(I think 600,000 is the latest number. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.)


@Franklin, Ebbe Altberg, LL CEO, said that Second Life "sort of works", because it has its issues and could be better. Yeah SL has about 600,000 monthly active users (which means they log in regularly at least *once* in a month) and about 300,000 newcomers who try it once and never come back. That was more than a year ago, now it's likely they are fewer active users. That's nothing compared to e.g. Word of Warcraft, who has the same age of Second Life. So while SL isn't dead at all and neither exactly the failure that someone thinks, honestly it isn't either a big success. It sort of works, as Altberg said. He hoped that Sansar would do better and reach a multi-million userbase, so it's economy is set for those numbers. Altberg considered that worst case scenario, being aware of the risk that Sansar launch goes wrong (not getting enough users and so being not sustainable) and meanwhile it cannibalizes the already declining SL enough, giving the coup of grace to SL economy. However LL had to attempt it, as SL is inexorably declining.

Carlos Loff

At this stage and for the next 6 month, it makes no sense on even think about this posdibikity, no one on it's sane mind would strat now only going to Sansar and leaving all they have on SL


I will stay in second life i aint giving sansar any business


I dont think the CEO of linden labs really understands how advanced and amazing tne second life community is. Hes to busy trying to undermine it. He is out of touch with all of the community that pays his salary and puts a roof over his head. He needs to stop biting the hand that feeds him.


Also everyone talking about the decline of second life is dumb compare it to all the other virtual worlds its got the most users of all. This blog writes about virtual worlds and praises ones that have a daily login of 100 or more and then acts like SL is a degenerate. Its obvious the owner of this blog is a salty fuck who hates second life

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