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Monday, September 04, 2017


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Dartagan Shepherd

I've figured out why VR isn't going anywhere other than as a niche peripheral.

Because the world is flat. And it gets flatter every year.

Do we use textures on web pages any longer? No we do not.

Do we use image based designs that try to mimic 3D elements? No we don't. We design very flat responsive sites. Often without any hint of depth. Just icons and colors.

We've already done depth. We've decided that unless we're playing, we like flat. We revel in our newfound flatulence in design and devices.

Our information is flat. It doesn't fit on a curve, unless you like warped data.

Out lives are not spheres, they are sheets and sheets of flatness. Flat is healthy. Flat is bite sized and manageable, and fits into time better.

Flat is efficient.

Even Star Trek knew the future was flat. They were using hand held devices with flat screens and massive flat consoles while the best we had was a scientific calculator.

Sure, there was a holodeck, but what was it good for? Re-living bad period episodes and historical recreations and things that no one admits they do in a holodeck.

I'm beginning to embrace my own flatness. Goggles and glasses just get in the way of simplistic and elegant flatness.

Amanda Dallin

Dartagan is right. Why would people want to take the time to wade through 3D VR to find information when they can get it faster from a flat Internet site. VR will never take over the how we interact with information because it's not practical. There will be niches VR will fill nicely but will never be as dominant as many of it's proponents have claimed.

Fuck Yall

I think anyone that went and bought full VR gear to play Sansar is a looser

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