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Monday, September 18, 2017


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Ian Murray

OpenSim is the only creation space I use as SL doesn't give up its content. Creating in OpenSim and uploading to SL works. I haven't tried uploading to Sansar or High Fidelity, but nobody creating art, educational tools and doing research should not create in these closed systems.

Ian Murray

"nobody" should be "anybody" in my post.


I marvel at Britneybitch's eloquence and succinctness.

Ciaran Laval

Linden Lab allowing content transfer is fraught with danger and IP wrangles. I have textures in Second Life that were purchased under a specific licence to only be used in Second Life, if I had wanted those textures for other platforms they would have been more expensive.

If Linden Lab allow people to transfer content, then people will think it's fine to ignore those sort of agreements because Linden Lab have enabled the process.

Names and shared $USD balances between platforms are certainly something Linden Lab should look at.

sirhc deSantis

Aside from the technical and IP aspects, the Lab allowing wholesale (sorry) transfer of inventory from one platform to another would bugger any 'economy' there in one fell swoop.

(technical though - mesh makers of 'building' stuff can already convert from dae to fbx, more or less. Textures? well.. Clothes/bodies? not a clue. Scripts? Ha keeping an eye on what seems to be available there... )

David Cartier

With all of the intellectual property, permissions, licensing, it would take decades to transfer even a small mountain over. Maybe they can make some arrangement to carry over or reproduce some of the historical content like the Ivory Tower of Prims, Governor's Mansion, Jessie Wall, et c.

Chic Aeon

Just some notes since I was the main quote in this post :D.

As far as I know there was never an official statement on money transfer, names (we were told by Ebbe that there would be a short period at the beginning when SL folks could "save" their SL names -- including last names as that was a big deal for some), and possible "porting". ALL those statements were made -- as I said in my comment that was later quoted -- on the SL forums (official on SL's site, not Universe although it may have been said there also).

There were at least two LOOOONG threads right after the Sansar announcement that Ebbe commented in several times answering questions and such. I along with others read every post. The info is likely still in the archives for anyone wanting to research. Ebbe's comments may have included worlds like "try" or "hope" but the impression that was left was that this was a plan and a done deal. And, personally I believe that it WAS the plan -- at the time. (no inside intel at all).

At one point in all the Sansar talk on the forums I thought to myself that the "porting" aspect COULD have been part of what was behind the TOS change of August 2013. That new TOS pretty much (lawyers never could agree on what it actually said or how legal it was) The Lab the legal means TO PORT goods to another world. Granted, if they were doing it FOR the citizens moving over, I doubt there would be too much ranting --- except by the content creators of textures and the like (and honestly they lost their rights like the rest of us in August 2013).

But, that was long ago and much has changed and many people anxious to go to The New World, aren't so much any more. So for better or worse, we have what we have. I am very happy that The Lab is taking interest in their 14 year old project again (although I don't think they ever gave up on us) and have announced some new improvements to come.

Looking forward to the furture.

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