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Thursday, September 07, 2017


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Dartagan Shepherd

Should have gone with their first instincts. They won't gain any customers but they will lose some.

Reminds of the NFL with Kaepernick. Consumers don't like politics in their peanut butter and it made a big dent in revenue. Jelly is fine, though. Even bananas. Politics are now more divisive than ever due to endless drama bombing and overstatements.


"...a game that plays the way America feels..."
Hmmm, not my America. I feel pretty good about the President.


The way America feels?

What are you talking about? Trump being president is EXACTLY how America feels.

The rest are just butthurt they couldn't shove enough illegal aliens into a clown car voting booth.


Is there anything else going on on NWN than Trump related stuff, Cajsa's posts and some alien-inspired fantasies? Why not blog more about inventions like Pocket Gacha (yeah! that was freaking inspiring that guys came up with such an idea), new businesses, new solutions, new approaches! Something that changes the way we do stuff in SL, take Blogotex for example,.. I would pretty much see wider spectrum of topics here rather than having same topics over and over again. Thanks!

Clara Seller

Rune Søgaard makes a game to virtue signal and shows us how really sick he is.

Stop the abuse of those who held on to their last shred of dignity. The real problem is the sheer evil that forced Americans to make this choice in the first place. They chose the blackmail over the blackmailer. I think this speaks pretty highly of the majority of the American people and has highlighted how mentally crippled the rest are.

metacam oh

Trump's a racist traitor. If you feel good about that, seek help.


@Gunner, I agree with your point that politics is way over covered by NWN but Pocket Gacha wasn't a good example since NWN covered it about 3 weeks ago.


One of the blogs who said SL will die many many years ago finds an excuse to do a Trump post. Shocker.

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