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Wednesday, October 04, 2017


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Sansar is very nice. With high end graphics and VR support. But something i did not expect is. It is kind of boring. SL i terribly laggy and my VR headset jumps around as it is drunk. But it is fun. It is a cool art community and big VR world to explore.

Joey Flacnobbio

Sansar is a great place to go, for about 15 minutes and leave. Once you have been there for 15 minutes you have experienced Sansar. Sansar is for people who know how to create art in Sansar, or at least what they think is art. To everyone else it is just a place to view what some weirdo calls art. You walk around and try to do things and you can't do anything, only the people in the know can do things. This place is being used by kids or degenerate adults, who have some sort of mental midget disease and are living in their parents basement doing nothing but playing all day and all night. Sansar is where they end up. If you are one of them, you may like Sansar. If you are a normal person with a real job you will be bored to death in 15 minutes.

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