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Monday, October 09, 2017


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The game was fun at first, I played it among a bunch of other people and some friend. There was always someone around, coming and leaving for another game location, so you could have seen about an half dozen of players per place.

A week later, there were fewer people, getting bored already. Now the game locations are often empty. Among other issues (lack of promotions, as you said, and actual glitches, etc), the game was essentially single player: it lacked of multilayer features like player to player interactions, group co-op, even a basic party system, ledges etc. There were people around, but mostly playing by themselves. Now you have this mostly single player game, lacking of balanced goals and incentives: after you catch all the common pets and some of the epic ones, it just becomes too much repetitive and eventually boring (this was apparent since the beginning).

In conclusion I think it was a good idea, it showed another potential of gaming in SL, but it could be better. As it is now, it couldn't entertain so many people and for long enough to influence SL sim loss rate or user concurrency.

Pep Daniels


Pep (likes a visual analogy)

Chic Aeon

Glytch hunting has definitely slowed down from the onset and a good portion of that is no doubt natural attrition, something that happens with many new events.

Most first week technical issues have been solved or lessened and the devs have been adding new areas (one to three at the beginning of the weekend so far) but many of those place aren't readily available via the game hud. Hence if a player doesn't make a Favorite or Landmark or look back in their teleport history they cannot return. Instead one gets cycles of the same places (maybe eight) in a randomized order. So even the spots are getting boring to folks. A better plan of course is to keep track of your favorite areas and go to them purposefully.

The biggest complaint from players who WERE active at the beginning was that the rules changed. Pink gems (worth 100 green) disappeared from the grids about two weeks ago. I may have received one of the last which in retrospect seems to have been missed in the cleanup. This makes it harder to progress in the game with much more time needed to get those gems needed for a better weapon or move on to the mysterious bonus rounds.

100 green gems make up a pink. 100 pink gems make up a blue. You need FIVE blue gems to get into the lowest cost bonus area. If my math is correct, that is a 50,000 green gems to get to ENTER the bonus area. You also need at least a net so that is another pink gem (at this point that is nothing really - LOL - but let's keep the description honest). If you want a flyswatter weapon that is yet another blue!

These number mean little until you realize that catching a glytch doesn't guaranty gems. Some glytchs give no gems. Some give one, some three, and the highest nine. There are a few mysterious extra gems given out of late so you might get 6 and 3 for example -- but this is seldom. And while Rares and Epics used to give out pink gems now and then --- they NOW GIVE OUT NO GEMS AT ALL. So they are more to be avoided than sought after.

This change has a lot to do with the emptiness of the fields if comments on the forums and in chats are to be considered as evidence.

I have been playing fairly steady since it opened, taking breaks from Blender now and then -- maybe two hours a day. And I figure that it will take me a month and a half more before I can get into a bonus arena. Eight months of solid playing to get the canon (25 blue).

Personally I think there needed to be more "level ups" to keep people's interest. After you have collected all 29 rares and 29 epics, it becomes the same thing over and over. It is a bit meditative and it is a good break from looking at tiny squares and node patterns *wink*, but still .....

It would also help if you could turn in your blues for actually lindens. The Realms will likely always be king simply for the money-making aspect inherent.

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