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Monday, October 02, 2017


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Nalates Urriah

I think you are both ignoring what Sansar is planned to be.

WordPress is named. 'Sansar' has to be named something. They might have come up with a better name, VRPress? UNRealVR? But, if things work as the Lab suggests, how many end-users will know the name Sansar? How many know when they are using a WordPress site?

The Atlas... like Steam? Isn't that kind of game-oriented thinking? Isn't Sansar supposed to reach beyond games? Is there any significantly sized group other than gamers that use Steam's catalog?

WordPress has catalogs for themes and plugins. AFAIK, they don't bother to try and list all the sites built with WordPress. That list would change by the minute.

Why would the Lab in their plans for success of Sansar be thinking of cataloging all the sites built with Sansar? Isn't it the hope that Google, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo will be the catalog and primary access point for Sansar built experiences?


Why is Sansar a worse name than say "High Fidelity" or "Sinespace"?

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