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Monday, November 20, 2017


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I think your info is confusing SL gacha resellers community. On your article it says that this collection is not allowed to be resold because it is Pocket Gacha collection (as far as I can understan) and that is not true, items are allowed to be resold but the situation here is that this person is copybotting the collection so many times tht is not worth it anymore.


@Pekeninia. Wagner did better clarify it that PocketGacha is resell. It's complex with all these moving parts but the article was updated to better reflect the true nature.

Enemy of Gacha

" your slow reaction to a serious and callous disregard for creator content (which is the very essence of SL's survival) is being ignored.”

Pardon me, not every creator is part of this greedy 'transfer only' gambling scheme you all got going on.

Some of use still proudly sell copy/mod being a major part of that so-called 'survival'

Good, I hope every gacha sellers goes under from 'Unlimited Sale' these MP cancer dealers they created from greed off vulnerable customers with addictive tendencies.

Certainly is a search cancer, scrolling through the marketplace with all your junkie customers listing everything as copy/mod/transfer with every spam tag they can think to add.

Gacha should be shut down, just like the damn star wars loot boxes was taken down.

I take care of my customers given them the most value for what they purchase, by not being greedy, by not taking advantage of the vulnerable or the weak minded, yes there is a real person behind each of those avatars. SL does not need to be expensive like RL


“One of the unique features of our back end at PocketGacha is the ability to track players and sales as they relate to each round” - Oobleck Allagash, from the article.

While it was useful in this case, it sounds like (but it could be a misunderstanding) that unaware costumers are being tracked by those products without being notified and without authorization. Can you explain that better, Ooblek? I saw no info in the PocketGacha website and no mention that you will be tracked.


@Pulsar. I appreciate and completely understand your concerns. It's hard sometimes to get every bit of info into pockets of articles and define these definitions. And yes, I could have worded that better, Pulsar.

Our data consists of players, what they played for and what they were delivered. It is unique in that we have all of the information consolidated rather than scattered between creators so can better view this information as a whole. It's no different than what e2v or caspervend have other than we are active and responsive to one event. Still, that is enough to prove much alone beyond the idea of who played what.

So, this person (Tiffanie132) did not ever use or play the PocketGacha HUD. That is still not enough. However, I made the effort to buy her Gacha on MP 50 times in just over a few minutes shortly after the event. With that we were able to cross section the number of rare deliveries (which we monitor in order to assure a fair percentage) and determine that it was impossible at the time of her selling these (and what is assumed to be limitless copies as I did not wish to play further) a vast majority of every rare ever delivered at that time.

I hope this makes more sense. Beyond that our data is limited. We are not LL who could easily enter these accounts to see what are clear violations to the possible. A good deal of our work was actually spending the money to buy her Gacha in many sets and cross section it to the consolidated information we do have.


Yes, it makes more sense. Thank you for the explanation :-)


reply to enemy of gacha: well i am a normal customer and i found some very awesome and unique things at gacha sales and resales I never found in any shops here on the grid. I wish, creators would offer such items over normal sales, so that there would be no need for gacha any longer!But as long as such items are not found in normal shops, i have to buy things over gacha! Sorry for my poor english!


It's worth noting that PocketGacha is a little unusual compared to previous gacha events in that for pretty much all series on its shelves, the option to purchase a full set on a non-transferable but copiable basis exists. More often than not, this option is reasonably priced compared to all the pulls required to get a full set plus the extra effort (and trust, given the implications of the shenanigans in this article) required to recoup part of expenditure on duplicates.

Pretty much the only people who won't go for that option are those who only want specific parts of the gacha and think their luck is good, those who are addicted to the risk-reward of each gacha pull, or people trying to flip rares for a huge profit.

Off-grid authentication systems for gacha purchases are only a matter of time - the limited ability of communications between objects and the Internet as a whole opens up possibilities for people to take control of how they manage access to their productions beyond the simplistic "Copy/Mod/Transfer" that has been bolted in SL. it is a short jump from comparing purchases made through a vendor that records each sale to establishing a database that records how many of each Gacha item a Resident has won and using it to determine whether that Resident has the right to own and open and/or transfer that item to another person via gacha trading.

Given that PocketGacha has admitted to tracking gacha sales made through its systems, perhaps any privacy outrage from this disclosure in this regard can be mitigated by openly disclosing this in future, prior to any L$ or Points purchases of gachas in play, as well as investment in expanding such a system to include 'licensing management' off-grid protect the value of gachas for all in the system: creators, the PocketGacha managers and the player of these fields.

Working out the exact process required to establish ownership and control opening of gachas to prevent the sale of illegally created 'unlimited' gacha is an exercise left to the merchants and event managers of this industry. Good luck: it's never easy to bolt security onto something that was never designed to be secure from Day 1, and Second Life is very much the epitome of such a system, as you've obviously noticed by now.

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