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Thursday, December 21, 2017


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Clara Seller

Sometimes I wonder is there are any real people on the Sansar team? It feels like it's run by an endless Automated Visitor Management System from Hell.

If you would like "fashion", press 5. If not, please state the nature of your request. " I would like a decent avatar that isn't like a zombie".

"Okay. If you would like a vampire, zombie, or pterodactyl, please press 4".

madeline blackbart

IMO the fashion update doesn't really mean much when the avatars themselves still look...well...not the best.The lower half of the avatars face kind hangs weird and unnaturally like the muscles don't work right there. It's very weird. On top of the skin looking kinda...lifeless. It tries to look realistic but instead just hits a weird uncomfortable uncanny valley. With almost no customization on the avatar in (what like SL) amounts to a social platform makes it very VERY hard to like. It goes deeper then just changing you shirt. IMO people identify with the face of their avatar. Human beings are designed to read faces so it's no wonder a unnatural one like the ones they have are just highly unliked.

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