Win Up to $L10,000 for Judging Second Life Machinima

Want a chance to win up to L$10,000 watching SL machinima? The University of Western Australia's Second Life machinima contest has just posted all the entries, and they want help judging:

L$20,000 has been set aside for viewers who take part in a special participation event. We are asking everyone to watch the submissions and give us your TOP 10 machinima, in order of your preference (email jayjayaustralia at hotmail dot com OR list them on a notecard to Jayjay Zifanwe - please put your name on the title of the notecard with the words MachinimUWA IV Audience Event). The 3 participants whose order comes closest to the final order decided by the judging panel (as below), will win for themselves L$10,000, L$6,000 and L$4,000 each.

Deadline is November 30 -- go here for links to all the machinima and more details. I'm helping judge the contest myself, by the way, and will be featuring my own favorites on this blog in coming weeks, reviewing them along this criterion.

I'm Co-Judging a SL Machinima Contest With L$300K in Prizes -- Here's 5 Things I'm Looking for in My Selections

SL machinima contest

I'm proud to announce that I'll be co-judging a Second Life machinima contest sponsored by The University of Western Australia in Second Life, with L$300,000 in prizes for the finalists -- go here for all the submission details. The contest organizer, JJ Jega, has assembled a large panel of SL luminaries to help judge, so my input is just one among many, but here's five things that make for great SL machinima, that I'll be looking for in this contest, and in general:

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Witch Hunt 2011: SL Fashion Hunt for Halloween Coolness

SL Witch Hunt

Shopping Cart Disco has all the info and links you'll need for Witch Hunt 2011, a Halloween-themed fashion hunt that runs until the 30th. You can also get info by joining the SL group The Witch Hunters 2011, or sending an IM to Kat Alderson. I'm kinda digging this cat suit from TrinityBelle Meriman here; wonder if I can get Iris Ophelia to model it in a Halloween fashion post.

R2D2 Creator to Judge a Machinima Contest - And Explains the Pros & Cons of Machinima for Filmmakers


Tony Dyson, the veteran film effects creator who built the original R2D2 model, is judging a machinima contest, The Machinima 48 Hour Film Project. Known as Azar Shelman in SL, Dyson designed the original R2D2 for Star Wars, then built eight copies of the beloved droid for The Empire Strikes Back. And speaking as a veteran filmmaker, he's now interested in machinima as a new platform:

"I think 'machinima' has the same untapped potential that we found when we switched over from early animated films using frame by frame drawings to Computer Generated Images (CGI)," he tells me by e-mail. "[T]he secret is not only to spot and learn what new potential this platform may open up to the film maker, but to also identify exactly what are the negative aspects of this new media, only then can we really move forward."

The benefits: "[L]ow investment and production costs plus speed of production will open up a vast new market place in today's digital world, for example in Education, Entertainment and Advertising fields..." The challenges: "[L]earning about the differences in camera techniques involved... [and working] in a totally new world, a 'virtual world' that has a very strong culture of its very own. This brave new world... has a very steep learning curve for many, but the rewards are and will be truly amazing for any one that has the imagination to meet this challenge.

Read all the details for the contest here, and more background on the blog of Chantal Harvey, who's running it.

Update, 9/12: Corrected original description from "Second Life machinima" contest, as machinima from other platforms are also accepted. Apologies for the error. See more details in Comments.

Einstein Avatar Contest Extended to September 16

The contest to create the official SL avatar of Albert Einstein has been extended to September 16th at 11:59 PM EST. Because creating the metaverse representation of the 20th century's greatest mind, that shit takes time. Read more background about the contest here, and click here for all the contest details.

Einstein's Official Avatar is Coming to Second Life & There's a USD$2500 Contest to Recreate Him for the Digital Age (UPDATE: Deadline Extended)

Einstein Avatar

The official avatar for Albert Einstein is coming soon to Second Life and social media to promote medical research, and there's a contest to create him, with $2500 in cash prizes for the top three entries. By "official", I mean it's being done with the authorization of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which owns the rights to Einstein's likeness, and by "coming to SL", I mean the avatar is going to make appearances in-world, as well as in machinima made for audiences outside SL, to promote medical research fundraising for the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada, or IMRIC. It's a campaign being run by Remedy Communications, the social media firm of Doug Thompson, a longtime SL advocate. (In-world, he's Dusan Writer.)

"We were approached by an international research collaboration that funds medical research across a huge range of conditions and needs," Doug explains to me via e-mail. "IMRIC requested permission from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which owns the rights to the Einstein image, to use it in an international fundraising and awareness campaign across social media and virtual worlds."

Here's how avatar Einstein will be used in this campaign:

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International Machinima Festival Taking Entries

Machinima Festival

The Netherlands-based MaMachinima International Festival is taking entries for this year's fest, which hits June 17. (No idea what the extra "Ma" is for, but there you go.) The brainchild of Second Life machinimist Chantal Harvey, the festival will also screen in-world, but you can submit videos made on other 3D platforms (say, World of Warcraft or , Portal 2). Submission deadline is May 1st, and therefore hurry: Click here to do so for God's sake.

Half a Million Linden Dollar Second Life Machinima Contest

Second Life Machinima Contest

The University of Western Australia is sponsoring a Second Life machinima contest with prizes totaling L$500,000. The theme is Journeys, the submission deadline is May 1st. Read more here.

Tribeca Film Institute's New Media Fund Open to Financing Machinima Projects for $50-100K

Deniro Tribeca Machinima

Machinima makers, click this link, because it's big news: The renowned Tribeca Film Institute, co-founded by Robert DeNiro and affiliated with the influential Tribeca Film Festival, just announced the TFI New Media Fund, which will finance "four to eight non-fiction projects... [with] a non-fiction story focused on social issues and include an integrated cross-platform or new media component", each getting $50,000 to $100,000 in funding. As the Tribeca publicist who told me about this pointed out, among the new media forms they'll specifically accept is video games, i.e. machinima. Submissions start on April 4, but they're now taking feedback from media producers interested in the Fund -- go here to participate.

Two Virtual World Contests for Art and Halloween

Harper Ganesvoort has a Halloween photography contest for members of multiple virtual worlds (though you need to also have an SL account, to claim your L$ winnings.) Also, the University of Western Australia campus on Second Life in holding a massive Art & Design Challenge contest, and is taking votes on the winners from the public. Here's how to check out the art and vote on it.