Remnants of Earth, a User-Made MMO in Second Life UPDATE: Now Featured on Kotaku, Lead Dev Comments

Remnants of Earth is a cool-looking and quite ambitious MMO in Second Life -- let's take a look at the slick promo trailer:

To visit in-world, copy/paste this SLurl in your favorite Second Life viewer:

Here's the premise and game write-up from the developer:

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Play in Second Life This Month (If You Dare): An R-Rated Adventure Game from MadPea Called Blood Letters

Madpea Second Life game

Blood Letters is a new point-and-click adventure game from renowned Second Life game developer Madpea, and this one is a decidedly R-rated search for a serial killer.

"In some ways," Madpea's Kiana Writer tells me, "we're going back to the basics and encourage the use of your brain. While the game is HUD -driven, the players can collect extra clues and solve puzzles if they keep a traditional pen and paper with them and take notes during the gameplay."

Go here to get started. Oh, and Kiana tells me there's a bonus for dedicated players:

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A Second Life-Based Mini-MMO Called Godswar: The 100

GodsWar Second Life RPG

Godswar: The 100 is a SL-based roleplaying game and mini-MMO which plays out on a single sim, and it has a cool premise:

"[It's] based around the idea that the Gods and mythical creatures are real," explains player and longtime SLer Arwyn Quandry. "The lore is incredibly deep -- you can be there for months or years and not know everything about the story, which was originally written by the owners as a tabletop roleplaying campaign. It had two previous versions, New Babylon and Lost Vegas, but the current version is based on alternate timeline at the very beginning of the story, where 100 people are discovering that they have supernatural abilities and being drawn into a battle that will end civilization as we know it. And yes, they die -- it's a permadeath sim with an advancing plotline driven by the players, all grounded in a real-world roleplaying system (Tri Stat dX)."

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Venexia, an Amazing Vampire Roleplaying Sim in Second Life

Venexia as captured by SLer Kawanishi Yana is one of the more impressive Second Life cities I've seen in awhile, a setting for vampire roleplay:

Venexia runs on the SGS roleplay system, which is also integrated into three other roleplay regions in Second Life - Kingdom of Sand, Nomos, and Golgothica:

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Second Life Combat System Claims 80 Sims Using Its Engine

SL FPS system

Estelle Pienaar has an in-depth review of the Grim Combat System (GCS), which claims that 80 regions have shooter games created with its system. That's quite a lot, and reading Estelle's review, it's easy to see why:

GCS does not only provide weapons and a meter that measures the players health. They provide a whole game construction kit for region owners. The GCS system includes - amongst many other items - all kind of monster spawners; exploding cars, barrels and dumpsters; low lag city building kits; scoreboards; recovery systems; fog machines; breakable glas; quest items and even quest NPCs (non playing characters).

A zombie game called Axis of Evil is built with the GDC system, and while the graphics and the MOBs are pretty primitive, it looks like a genuinely fun game for that genre:

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Attack on Titan Fan Game in Second Life Attacked by Attack on Titan Publisher?

Attack on Titan Second Life Discontinued

The popular fan game in Second Life based on the popular manga/anime series Attack on Titan seems to have come under attack itself by Kodansha Ltd., its Japanese publisher. This is definitely true in the case of an SL machinima depicting the Second Life Attack on Titan game, which was pulled from YouTube "due to a copyright claim by Kodansha Ltd." It is reportedly the case for the SL peripherals for the game, which are no longer for sale in Second Life. If you visit the site in SL (like I did last night), there's a sign saying the product has been discontinued. And according to a July 18 blog post by Moeka Kohime, the game's creator, "3D Maneuver Gear was discontinued due to various factors. Sorry for the inconvenience." Which is all she said about the matter.

NWN reader Pienaar believes it was pulled for copyright reasons, but I haven't received confirmation on that claim just yet:

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Attack on Titan Anime Recreated in Second Life, Of Course

Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin Second Life

Click here to visit a Second Life store that's created an impressive tribute to and is the cosplay around the action game inspired by the anime called Attack on Titan (which sophisticated geeks call Shingeki no Kyojin), which is an anime I've never seen, but Kotaku's Mike Fahey sure has, and just devoted a whole admiring long feature to the Second Life game inspired by it. It seems to involve giants and badass sci-fi warrior women kicking ass... but then again, that describes every other anime ever made. Anyway, the SL version was created by Moeka Kohime, whose store blog is right here.

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Where in Second Life is a Cat Named Dim Sum? Fun Idea for an SL Blog... Great Idea for an SL-Based Tablet Game

Hidden Object SL blog

Where's Dim Sum is a fun new SL blog with a cute premise -- each post is a screenshot of an SL location, in each of which is a tiny white cat called Dim Sum. It's a fun way to present new and/or interesting SL locations by Opal Lei, a longtime SLer who also wrote an SL-inspired e-book, conveniently enough, Love, Like Dim Sum.

Basically Where's Dim Sum turns Second Life screenshots into a hidden object mini-game, a casual sub-genre that's huge on the web and mobile right now. (Especially on tablets, which are ideal for hands-on browsing of beautiful images.) So here's a free idea for game developers:

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Pathfinding Demo for Drone War, FPS Game in Second Life

Drone War is a multiplayer FPS game in Second Life, and as you might have guessed, it involves shooting, well, robot drones. Developed by Serigo Delacruz, it's going to be a direct beneficiary of the upcoming pathfinding tools Linden Lab will release soon. "I hope to implement these tools in my game 'Drone War'," Sergio tells me, "to create a complex combat system. Enemies will try to attack or hide if their health status is critical" So if it works as promised, the pathfinding system will make the Drones in Drone Wars more drone-like. Another upcoming application of pathfinding: A driving game. If you know of other upcoming projects that use the new pathfinding tools, please post links Comments!

First Rule of SL Tank Club: Let's Talk About SL Tank Club

Sure there's an online world called World of Tanks, but I bet you can't decorate your M1 Abrams pink and go cruising down the highway running over noobs in it, let alone cram into an undersea air tube, or pull over at a diner. But the Syzygy Tank Club is in the SL sim of Vacit (SLurl at this link), and that's just what they do. This chuckle-filled machinima also comes with a pretty impressive depiction of mesh-based SL vehicles and visuals like dynamic shadow and depth of field, too. Homepage of the Tank Club here.