Acclaimed SL Artist Builds a Massive Prison on Blackmoore

Cica Ghost often creates immersive Second Life art installations that are whimsical and cheery, but her latest build speaks of dark enclosed spaces that you can never leave (since it spans out across an entire island, and stretches toward the sky):

More info below, and a photo from a willing captive:

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Monday Machinima: A Visit to The Egg in Second Life

Thanks to the Yhoali Resident (who brought some badass music to the proceedings), here's a visit to the Linden Endowment for the Arts new installation by Livio Korobase -- "The Egg":

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Famed Egyptyian Temple Recreated in Second Life

Serena Barbuda Second Life sim

If I'm reading Eve Kazan's post right (which I'm quite possibly not, because I have the French fluency of a four year old), there's a recreation of ancient Egypt's Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Djeser-Djeseru ("Holy of Holies"), in Second Life. Here on the sim of Serena Barbuda.

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Second Life Travel Blog Makes SL Sims Seem Like Paintings

Second Life travel blog

Charlie's Closeups is a Second Life travel blog from Charlie Namiboo that's all in German, but the beautiful images need no translation. Take this look at a sim called Salt Water, which Ms. Namiboo depicts with screenshots that seem like 19th century landscape paintings.

Speaking of which, here's the sim on the SL web map - if you're interested in seeing more SL locations on NWN, please click Salt Water's SL Map location here.

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Two Beautiful Second Life Sims to Visit by This Month

Top Second Life Sims

Eddi Haskell, who runs an excellent Second Life blog that's somewhat hobbled by an annoying CMS system*, has the download on two gorgeous SL sims that are open to visit until the end of this month:

  • Neva Crystal's Baby's Ear Homestead (above), "one of the most attractive and imaginative homes I have ever seen in Second Life. The collection of interesting items both huge (a massive harvest combine among rows of wheat) and small (a magical child's bedroom corner with a miniature castle) are very eclectic but work incredibly well together."
  • Romy and Jac Mornington's Bella Pace: "Romy took inspiration from her childhood memories of Tuscany - a region in central Italy that is celebrated for its landscape, architecture, and artistic legacy - to come up with this magnificent virtualization of a perfect Italian country retreat."

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Visit a Beautiful Second Life Sim Called Flux Sur Mer

Flux Sur Mer

Kara Trapdoor visits a place called Flux Sur Mer, and finds a lovely French estate in miniature. More pics and info here, and its place in the SL world map here.

8+ Years Later, Inspire Space Park Still Orbits Second Life

Inspire Space Park Second Life

Here's a lovely first-person visit to Inspire Space Park, an amazing, zero-gravity, chillout space that's been floating high above the Second Life mainland since at least 2007. It's written by "EverAfterr Resident", a "veteran rookie" who's returned to Second Life re-discover the world, and great places like the Space Park:

A few weeks ago, perhaps inspired by the SS Galaxy’s impending retirement, a thread was woven at the SLUniverse Forums wherein members waxed poetic about their favorite sims and builds of SL past. I piped in with my recollection of a space-themed sim where one could listen to lush, ambient music and lose themselves in digital meditation. I presumed that the place was long gone, having not visited there for many years, but quick came the reply: “I believe you’re thinking of Inspire Space Park.” Oh my stars, I thought to myself, in wonder. It still exists.

In fact, the Park has evolved with the times, and now has a Facebook group page. I first explored and wrote about the Park back in 2007, so I'm glad to find out it's still orbiting. Notably, the Park used to orbit about a casino, back when gambling was still permitted in Second Life:

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Visit This Weekend in Second Life: Cica Ghost's Lovely, Alien "Balloons"

This is a dreamy SL machinima by Jackson Redstar depicting an even dreamier Second Life installation:

It's "Balloons", a new Second Life installation by acclaimed metaverse artist Cica Ghost, featuring faceless aliens -- or humans alienated from themselves? -- seeking flight above flowers and a twisted cityscape. To visit, copy/paste this SLurl into the viewer of your choice:

Via Kara Trapdoor, who's always finding excellent places in Second Life, so you should probably just go there now and make a habit of doing so often.

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I Visit A Spooky Second Life Town Called Calico

Kawanishi Yana up and found a spooky Second Life town called Calico:

Suitable for your next virtual Last of Us cosplay, or such like! Click here to visit.

Ms. Yana caught the creepiness so well, I wanted to visit it for myself first-hand... so I did:

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Explore in Second Life This Weekend: The Shire, Beautifully Textured Tribute to Tolkien's Green Realm

The Shire is a stunning and lushly lovely Second Life sim which, as the name suggests, is a tribute to Tolkien's greenest part of Middle Earth. Here's what it looks like from the longest view:

The Shire Second Life

That tiny white spot in the middle-upper left is me, which should give you an idea of the scope of the place.

Click here to see it on the Second Life web map, or copy/paste this address into your favorite SL viewer:

As with Tolkien's novels, part of The Shire is devoted to Hobbiton, which is represented by cave-like homes, while other regions evoke other places. (I think the spot where the hobbits and Strider fight a Ring Wraith, which here also does double-duty as a nightclub spot.) The textures are lush and superbly detailed. For instance, the hobbit homes have glass windows which shift as you look inside:

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