New World Notes' Reality Recovery Open Forum

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New World Notes is currently recovering from two weeks of the reality above, so taking a brief hiatus today from blogging about all things virtual. Meantime, the mic is open to NWN readers -- what about VR and related topics should NWN feature once we're back in business?

Friday Open Forum: What Link Should We Look at Today?

Any link, long as it's got a virtual twist. And if it's a particularly lovely link, I likely may link to it in a follow-up post!

What Are You Virtually Doing This Long Weekend?

NWN Open Forum for the long weekend (at least here in the US, for the July 4th holiday): Post events, opinions, links, pretty much whatever as long as it's got a virtual spin.

Open Forum: How Will Brexit Impact SL's Many UK Users?

Second Life London UK Brexit Linden Dollar

Pictured: SL's London Village -- click here to visit

UK users, the floor is yours -- how will last night's Brexit influence your usage of Second Life? British SLers make up a large percentage of the active userbase, and most economists believe the Brexit will have a heavy negative impact on the British economy, so the overall influence is likely to be sharp and noticeable.

Your own take, UK readers? And come to think of it, as the Brexit will probably impact every user in every country, this open forum is open to all.

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Friday Open Form: Links, News, Opinions on the Virtual

What's the most interesting thing NWN readers (which include me) should know about today?

Where Should Polygon's "Monster Factory" Next Visit in SL?

Justin McElroy, co-host of Polygon's popular "Monster Factory" smartass tour of Second Life, reached out to me on Twitter in search of new locations. Their videos are good-natured, Obrien-eseque jabes through the metaverse, but it's clear that they're sort of randomly teleporting into noob areas or randomly browsed areas that don't show SL at its most interesting -- or wackiest!

So where should they go? Post SLurls at them on Twitter, or in Comments below. Key recommended components:

  • Lots of regular visitors
  • Seriously cool visually 
  • Gamer/sandbox creator friendly

Post in Comments are Tweet via the link above!

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Open Forum: What Topic Should New World Notes Feature?

What in the world (virtual or otherwise) should I write about more? The microphone is yours.

Weekend Open Forum: Post Announcements, Events, Links, Opinions Here

You have the mic, dear readers. As usual, I'll feature as many comments as I can come Monday. As always, self-promotion is not only allowed, but encouraged -- just be sure to plug yourself well.

What SL & VR Blogs and Flickr Streams Should I Blog?

Blogger Friday at New World Notes, and I'm taking suggestions: Something new, something spectacular, something thought provoking. Please post links and a little description in Comments. And if you post something by Noon SLT today, I'll highlight it on the front page.

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Weekend Open Forum: How Will VR Be Like Second Life?

Nirevil # 148 Party hard, make mistakes, laugh endlessly. Do things you're afraid to do. After all, you're only young once!

My Wired article on VR ends with a passage describing Second Life as "among the Internet’s most remarkable works of collaborative creation", then notes this troubling report which leads to a final question:

[A] study suggested people derived more happiness within that world than from the real one... No one knows how our social fabric will change once billions begin to use VR on a regular basis. But if an outdated and cumbersome virtual world like Second Life can exert so profound an effect, what will happen when people plug into a fully immersive virtual reality? It isn’t too difficult to imagine a scenario in which our problems are allowed to fester, simply because any democratic will to address them is undercut by a populace that would rather escape to the virtual world than deal with the real one.

That's just scenario, of course.

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