Weekend Open Forum: Post Announcements, Events, Links, Opinions Here

You have the mic, dear readers. As usual, I'll feature as many comments as I can come Monday. As always, self-promotion is not only allowed, but encouraged -- just be sure to plug yourself well.

What SL & VR Blogs and Flickr Streams Should I Blog?

Blogger Friday at New World Notes, and I'm taking suggestions: Something new, something spectacular, something thought provoking. Please post links and a little description in Comments. And if you post something by Noon SLT today, I'll highlight it on the front page.

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Weekend Open Forum: How Will VR Be Like Second Life?

Nirevil # 148 Party hard, make mistakes, laugh endlessly. Do things you're afraid to do. After all, you're only young once!

My Wired article on VR ends with a passage describing Second Life as "among the Internet’s most remarkable works of collaborative creation", then notes this troubling report which leads to a final question:

[A] study suggested people derived more happiness within that world than from the real one... No one knows how our social fabric will change once billions begin to use VR on a regular basis. But if an outdated and cumbersome virtual world like Second Life can exert so profound an effect, what will happen when people plug into a fully immersive virtual reality? It isn’t too difficult to imagine a scenario in which our problems are allowed to fester, simply because any democratic will to address them is undercut by a populace that would rather escape to the virtual world than deal with the real one.

That's just scenario, of course.

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President's Day Open Forum With This 2009 Obama Avatar

Obama Virtual Reality

Created in 2009 shortly after his first inauguration. It would be interesting to contrast this with a mesh-based Obama using the latest technology, but sad to say, I haven't seen a good recent example. 

Friday Open Forum: Plug Your Blog or Flickr Stream Here!

Post links in Comments, and the first ten I receive by 1pm SLT/Pacific, I'll feature here on the front page.

Update: Via Damian Zhaoying, this is a Spanish-language virtual world blog possibly worth a click.

NWN Open Forum: Share Weekend Events & Whatever Else

Events, blogs, Flickr streams, YouTube videos -- if it has a link, I'd love to see it in Comments. (And possibly feature them right here on the front page!)

New World Notes' New Year's Open Forum: Post Your VR/Virtual World Predictions & Resolutions Here!

Hope everyone had a long and lovely New Year's weekend. To start 2016 right, let's open up the floor with VR/VW-related predictions and resolutions. I'll start first to prime the pump:

  • Prediction: One of the big magazines or news outlets which prominently hyped virtual reality (New York Times, Time, etc) in the last few years will publish a negative, anti-hype feature.
  • Resolution: I resolve to make New World Notes a seasoned counter-point to VR hype that's cited in one of those features.

Top Ps & Ps from readers featured next week! Remember, the more specific the prediction or resolution, the better.

Post Second Life Holiday Shopping & Event Tips Here

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 12.35.46 PM

New World Notes is winding down the year with holiday shopping and events (along with some Best Of lists), so please feel free to promote your favorite festivities and shopping ideas here -- include links, especially to the Marketplace or at least map locations!

New World Notes' Thanksgiving Week Open Forum

We can do this the easy way... or my way.

Thanks to all my New World Notes readers and your passionate, opinionated and (generally) civil conversations in Comments. Who and what are you thankful for?

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What Did You Learn in SL That Helped You in RL?

Reddit Second Life RL learning

Interesting /SecondLife thread, "What have you learned from Second Life (that has helped you in real life?)" with a lot of unexpected answers. This one, from Lewis Luminos, jumped out at me:

I have learned to appreciate stylish clothes (and how to find them on a budget, even in RL).

... because come to think of it, I think I've expanded my own range of actual clothing styles a bit based on all those SL fashion blogs/Flickr streams over the years. Other answers run deeper, such as:

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