Open Forum: What are the Best New/Updated Second Life Sims We Should be Sure to See?

Air Pirate town of Hakone Second Life

New World Notes began as in-world coverage of Second Life creativity, and since it still remains among the very best examples of user-generated content anywhere on the Internet, that coverage will continue to be an anchor for this blog. To that end, Iris and I are planning to expand our coverage of Second Life sims over the next few months, which is something I've been longing to do for quite awhile. We're especially looking for new or greatly updated sims which make use of the latest tools and features, or like Hakone, which I visited some months ago, are just supremely cool. Just as key are great communities or ongoing group projects/content creation/mini-MMOs, like Godswar, especially if we haven't been able to cover them on NWN before.

Any come to mind? Please post SLurls and descriptions in Comments below, and expect a visit from Iris or me soon.

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NWN's Post-Summer Open Forum: What Should We Be Blogging About on New World Notes This Fall?

New World Poke

I was going through my Summer photos (hence the poke on a Pringle chip above), when I suddenly realized, Hey, Summer is over. A good time for an open forum with an open-ended question:

What should we be blogging about on New World Notes this Fall, and why?

And yes, self-promotion is OK, possibly even encouraged -- as long as you include a lot of useful links, especially SLurls if it's Second Life-related.

Open Forum: Why Is Second Life Machinima Waning?

Visually, Second Life has never looked better or been more versatile than it's ever been before (assuming you have a high-end machine), but apart from an occasional gem like the airborne travelogue above (highlighted by Iris recently), I haven't seen much excellent Second Life machinima in many, many months. You go to the YouTube feed for Second Life-related videos, you get barraged by SL griefer videos, Linden Dollar scammer videos, the occasional Linden Lab-sponsored video, random SL footage videos, and other effluvia. But far as actual, formal, narrative machinima which takes full advantage of Second Life as a platform, selections are getting pretty sparse.

Don't get me wrong, there are exceptions:

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Virtual World/Gaming Academics: What Are the Best Academic Studies on Race & Avatars in Second Life?

Second Life academic studies on race

I was just chatting with a graduate student whose thesis revolves around Second Life, and she brought up an interesting point: There seems to be few academic studies on race and avatars in Second Life. "I think it is fair to say that in general there is a huge gap in the literature," as Karley Aiken, an MA candidate at San Francisco State University, put it to me. "[M]y initial search found very few results, leading me to assess that there is a huge gap in the literature. One would expect that, given the amount of literature dedicated to sex and gender within Second Life, there would be a comparative amount of research on race and the dynamics of race and ethnicity. But it's missing."

While searching, she often instead found New World Notes posts on race, like this classic about a white woman who experienced Second Life as a black avatar. And to be honest, after writing anecdotal posts like that, I expected (and hoped) academics would run with the topic in a more rigorous way. And maybe we're just not looking in the right places, but evidently, studies like that are scarce.

So help us out, virtual world/gaming academics: Have you come across papers like this?

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Open Forum: Ask & Answer Second Life User Questions Here

I often get IMs and e-mails from Second Life users asking me for technical support, or have account management questions which I'm not able to answer for various reasons. (Chief among them, I haven't been a contractor for Linden Lab for over six years.) Instead of leaving those requests unanswered, here's an open forum comment thread for NWN readers to help each other. If you're an SL expert and have some time, please jump in!

Open Forum: What's Your Most Important Experience from Second Life's Last 10 Years?

Second Life 10th anniversary memories

This coming Sunday is Second Life's official 10th anniversary, and I'll be writing a lot about that soon, and what that means to me. But I also want to write about what it means to you, good reader, so please share: In all the time you've been logging into Second Life, what's been your most important experience there? Please share in Comments, and I'll highlight my favorites in posts next week. (So be sure to include your SL username and links/SLurls, for credit.)

And since I'm asking, I'll start first:

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Open Forum: What's the Most Amazing or Interesting Second Life Content New World Notes Hasn't Covered Yet?

Siren Song SL image Whiskey Monday

This is a Second Life screenshot shot by Ms. Whiskey Day (click here to embiggen) and it uses the Firestorm SL viewer's new alternative cloud maps, which I wrote about last week. It is amazing and interesting. When I wrote about it, however, some readers complained that another SL viewer has had these maps for some time, and that's fair enough. And not surprising -- after doing this for so many years, I've learned to assume there's always a precedent to anything in Second Life I'm planning to write about. But rather than just complain after the fact, dear reader, here's a chance to let me know now what I'm missing -- what person, place, invention, community, game, artwork, etc. in Second Life should I be writing about, but haven't? Please include links and descriptions for that is the gold standard of the web.

Open Forum: 97.1% of Second Life Users Now Log In Through Mesh-Enabled Viewers, So What About You?

Iris Ophelia's ongoing review of gaming and virtual world style

A recent graph by SL resident Kadah Coba paints a very interesting picture of the current rate of mesh adoption in Second Life. As reported by Daniel Voyager last month, mesh viewer adoption is at just over 97% now.

Surprising? Not exactly. But given how vocal many NWN readers were on the issue even one year ago, I'm curious: When did you make the switch, and why?

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Weekend Open Forum & Comment Test: Please Post "Test" Or Whatever Else You Want in Comments

Some readers say the comments they've written recently on New World Notes have disappeared after they click Post. Comments are rarely deleted for running afoul of NWN comment guidelines, so something seems askew. Do me a favor, please post a comment in this post, if only to say "Test", or whatever else you want to rant about or plug or whatever. If your Comment disappears, please let me know, and what web browser/OS you were using, when it did. Tweet that info at me here, Plurk it at me here, or post to NWN's Facebook group here. Mahalo!

What Are Your Virtual World New Year's Resolutions?

I've been taking a much needed mini-vacation from blogging for awhile while able Iris ably steers the ship, but wanted to stop by to wish all you New World Notes readers a Happy New Year in 2013. I'll be back to blogging later in the week, but for now, here's an open forum for virtual world-related New Year's Resolutions. What are yours, related to Second Life, Linden Lab's other platforms, other virtual world/user-generated platforms, MMOs and 3D gaming, 3D printing, augmented reality, Kinect, virtual goods, or anything else we cover on New World Notes?

I'll go first, with two resolutions of my own:

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