Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Flickr Not Blogs the Main Influence in the SL Fashion Scene?

The influence of Flickr on Second Life Blogging

SL blogger Monica Querrien makes an interesting case that Flickr, not blogs, are the key influencer of Second Life's fashion community:

What I think bloggers need to understand is this: Your blog is not only your personal space, but it’s also your personal brand. The people who are asking all of these requirements don’t necessarily care about your brand – it’s about what you can do for them to help get their message out there. You have to position yourself so when the next big trend to promoting for an event/store comes around, that it won’t be such a drastic change for you. With regard with Flickr, every blogger should already be on Flickr, posting pics, following people, and have a list of favorite photos. I will even go as far as saying that your blog should have a link to your Flickr somehow. So now, with the latest trend focusing on Flickr, it is just a matter of building on what you have already started.

Read the rest here on Monica's blog, which she's promoting via her Flickr photo above. Flickr is definitely a major node of influence among SLers (not to self: revive our SL FLickr Stream posts), but it's a striking idea that it's the most important, at least among SL fashionistas. Agree there?

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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Open Forum: Why Has Minecraft Captured a Mass Market and the Education Space Where Second Life Has Not?

Desmond and Emilly Orr in Minecraft

Mimi Ito has a really interesting Boing Boing post on the rising popularity of Minecraft as an educational tool, which emerged very soon after Minecraft becoming extremely popular -- over 100 million players, in recent estimates. Then she makes this point:

Minecraft isn't the first virtual world to value player creativity. Remember Second Life? But, what makes the DNA of Minecraft fundamentally different from Second Life or WoW is that any player can set up and administer their own server. This makes the Minecraft scene a breeding ground not only for digital creativity, but social innovation. Players are building their own server-based communities in Minecraft governed by the values and rules that they develop and enforce. No corporate overlord dictating the rules of property and play here. The mod world in Minecraft is teeming with social engineering tools, ranging from chat moderation add-ons to systems that assign plots and different privileges to players to minimize griefing. Lessons in digital citizenship anyone?

OpenSim, the open source spinoff of Second Life, also enables player-owned servers, so that doesn't make Minecraft unique. Also, Minecraft player-owned servers did not exist for some time after the game launched - it was originally a single-player experience.

All that to one side, what remains true is that Minecraft has captured both the mass consumer market and the education space where Second Life and OpenSim tried and failed. So let me put the question to readers (especially virtual world educators and those who play both): Why?

Please discuss in Comments. I plan on featuring the best insights in a future post.

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Second Life Fashion Spreads Need More Slapstick Action

Because, just look at how cool this is:

Second Life Fashion

Pic by Danni Ravinelli, who also happens to have a great SL bio pic. More like this, please. (Iris is on semi-hiatus doing great things, so I'm covering her SL fashion beat as best as I can.)

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Philip Rosedale: FOVE's Eye-Tracking Tech Addresses the "Most Important Missing Component" for VR Communication

FOVE: The World's First Eye Tracking Virtual Reality Headset, is a new Kickstarter VR project which incorporates eye-tracking technology into a VR head-mounted display (or HMD) to very cool effect -- watch:

Co-founded by Lochlainn Wilson and Yuka Kojima, the project has a very prominent supporter: Philip Rosedale, who tells me he plans to make his new VR-compatible world High Fidelity compatible with the FOVE. In fact, he believes the eye-tracking technology is so important for the future of VR, it'll become standard in the next generation of VR HMDs:

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Monday, June 08, 2015

Finding a Good Second Life Room With a View While Doing Real Life Work (NWN Comment of the Week)

Drax Files Insilico

Kaylee West, who's writing her PhD thesis about virtual worlds, spent a lot of time looking for the perfect apartment virtual apartment so she could enjoy the view while writing:

I have been in SL continuously since 2007 and have had students doing lessons on our university regions since 2008. As a "resident" (does anyone still think of themselves this way any more?) of Second Life I have spent countless hours exploring all over this vast virtual world. I have also spent countless hours playing in and exploring commercial MMOs developed with huge budgets. I have visited Insilico a number of times over the years and found it beautiful but frustrating because it always seemed to be simply a gorgeous show piece full of building facades but with no depth. When I do work in RL I often look for locations in SL (including my own regions) to sit while I work.

Lucky for her, she gave Insilico another shot:

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Watch Björk's Experiment With a Virtual Reality Music Video

Björk is experimenting with integrating her brilliant, conceptual pop music with virtual reality, and if you're in New York, you can see it first-hand at the MOMA branch in Queens. But even if you can't, you can still get a general impression by watching this 3D interactive video version of the installation on YouTube (ideally in Chrome):

Click the navigating control at the top left corner to whirl around Björk's world. I think this makes her the most prominent pop artist working in virtual reality so far.

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Top Seven New World Notes Posts from Last Week

Videophone future

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Friday, June 05, 2015

Please Take This Short Survey on IP Rights in Second Life

Canary Beck's first post for New World Notes will be about topics related to intellectual property in Second Life, and she's taking a survey on that subject for it -- if you're a Second Life user, please take the 5-10 minute survey below:

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Academic Journal Seeking Papers on VR-Based Education

Virtual world academia John Lester

John "Pathfinder" Lester, longtime innovator and advocate of virtual reality as an education tool, is editing an academic journal on the topic, and he's seeking contributors who work in that area and related realms:

My Stream will focus on innovative online learning environments that immerse students perceptually (3d simulations, VR, AR, etc.) as well as provide opportunities for collaborative learning (leveraging multiuser virtual worlds, social media tools, etc.).

Go here for all the details. And if you are writing something around those subjects, let me know too -- I likely want to blog about them, or at least know what you're up to!

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