Thursday, September 01, 2016

Golden Ratio Heads-Up Display for Taking Perfect SL Pics

This is a clever HUD which helps you shoot Second Life photos based on the Golden ratio. Supports three rulers: Fibonacci, rule of Thirds, and Phi. Yes, you could just apply a golden ratio when cropping a screenshot after you've taken it, but where's the fun in that?Created by Vladimiro Renoir, it's in the SL Marketplace for the price of very cheap coffee.

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Sign of the Times: SL-to-Sansar Ship Straddling

The very day Linden Lab starts sending out invites to Project Sansar creators, this Facebook group changes its name:

SL users move to SL Sansar

So that happened. Unless they're well-versed in standard 3D modeling platforms, I kinda think many or even most educators who use Second Life are in for a shock when they try to set up shop in Sansar, and so they might not want to fully jump ship just yet -- or even start trying to straddle both boats so soon. But we will see, we will see.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Jane Austen MMO from Linden Lab Vet Featured on Kotaku!

Ever Jane Jane Austen MMO

If you're still not convinced enough to try out Ever, Jane, the Jane Austen-themed MMO from Linden Lab veteran Judy Tyrer, Kotaku's Cecilia D'Anastasio has an in-depth (dare I say "embedded virtual journalist") profile up now. Don't forget that Ever, Jane players can get a special-to-NWN 100 Pounds Sterling Regency bonus if they post their username in this post.

Meantime, read how Ms. D'Anastasio captures the flavor of the gameplay:

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Top 100 YouTuber Creating Second Life Machinimas

With well over 9 million subscribers, the Spanish language "DrossRotzank" has one of the very largest YouTube channels on the platform (among the top 100, in fact), which means he has a larger viewer base than most actual television shows -- and now, also means he's the top YouTube to actively stream about Second Life, as here:

Even if your Spanish is rudimentary or non-existent, the imagery is great. Some /SecondLife Redditors are here describing the gist of the action:

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SL Flickr of the Day: Space Marines Meet Breakfast Club

Breakfast Clubs and the return of SL

From Voidar, who for years, used Flickr and Second Life to tell a long-running sci-fi serial about these characters. Since then, she's moving her characters and stories to a new platform (as yet unrevealed) but until then, all her (truly impressive) SL sci-fi images are all viewable here. For instance, here's a fun tribute to Guardians of the Galaxy:

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How to Move Your SL Camera With a Videogame Controller

From "Killi", a handy tutorial for machinima-makers and tinkerers with a spare videogame controller gathering dust. His camera-wielding avatar is a nice touch.

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In-Game Ship Building in Upcoming Worlds Adrift MMO

Worlds Adrift is an upcoming, single-shard, persistent sandbox MMO I've been writing about for quite some time (as here and also here), and here's yet another reason why-- in-game building of the flying ships which are central to the world:

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Mystery of the Mega-Banned Second Life User

Reddit Second Life

Fun puzzle on /SecondLife: "Lately," says /C_Ghost_Williams, "it seems everywhere everyone tries to teleport me.. I'm 'Banned' though I am not on the list or whatever." SL Redditors in the thread exhaust most of the likeliest possibilities -- no, he's not a newb, no, he's not using a Copybot-enabled viewer, no he's not on individual sim owners' banned list, etc, etc. 

Likeliest possibility is one which suggests the state of Second Life in general:

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Does IDC Really Think We'll Buy 225 Million+ AR/VR Devices By 2020? That's Faster Adoption Than the iPhone!

IDC VR industry forecast

It sure seems so, based on the venerable analyst firm's most recent report:

[W]orldwide revenues for the augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) market will grow from $5.2 billion in 2016 to more than $162 billion in 2020... Sales of AR/VR hardware will generate more than 50% of worldwide revenues throughout the forecast period.

This $162 billion figure has been widely reported everywhere, but as with the Bloomberg/Business Intelligence forecast on premium VR devices, no one I know has run the back-of-envelope calculations on this figure. But since IDC's report says over half this $162B revenue is from VR/AR hardware devices, that's $81 billion. And if we divide that by $350 per individual device sale at retail -- averaging the price of premium devices like Vive and low-end smartphone add-ons -- we get well over 225 million devices. (And that's estimating downward.)

I've asked the report's lead author, Christopher Chute, if my assumption is correct, because 225 million devices sold in such a short time is a massive market:

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