Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bernie Sanders’ Second Life Headquarters Besieged by Trump-Supporting Swastikas, Demons and 120 Ft. Fireworks-Spewing Donald Trump Statue

Bernie Sanders Trump Griefers Demons SL

Photo of pro-Trump demons besieging Bernie's HQ via Washington Liberals

As Donald Trump continues to ride roughshod over much of the United States, there’s multiple reports that Trumps’ virtual fans are riding roughshod on Bernie Sanders’ unofficial headquarters in Second Life as well. Sanders' spot is in the sim of Caspoli, located here, with a Bernie 2016 banner that can be seen from satellite -- a Roman-themed hangout space in a peaceful meadow, where Bernie supporters often gather to share news of their favorite candidate. But lately, the place has been besieged by pro-Trump griefers. I first read a report of anti-Bernie griefing from roving furry reporter Bixyl Shuftan (yes, that's a thing) and found out it wasn't an isolated incident:

Bernie Sanders Trump Griefers SL

“There is a picture I managed to capture of one of the flags spewing from a particle dispenser at HQ,” Sanders support group member Macaria Wind tells me, handing over an image file of a Trump swastika. “Left there by one of Trump's supporters when no one was around.”

But that was only the start. During a Bernie rally in SL, Mr. Wind goes on, Trump-supporting demons flew around Bernie’s rally, endlessly typing ”TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!" into text chat.

“Pages and pages of TRUMP! LOL,” Wind tells me. “[O]ne has to laugh at the childishness displayed by some of his supporters. In my opinion, they mimic their candidate. I must add though, what is not a laughing matter are the racial slurs and bigotry witnessed by one group member who visited Trump HQ when there were actually people there.” (Read more about that incident here.)

To be sure, virtual landowners in Second Life can bar anyone from their property. But that effort was, well, trumped, by a Trump supporter’s next move:

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Project Sansar Now Accepting Applications & Project Pitches for "Creator Preview" This Summer

Project Sansar Creators Preview

Click here to apply, and describe what kind of project you'd like to create in Sansar for early access in the next few months:

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Virtual Guns Not Realistic Enough for Actual Gun User


Interesting thread started in the Vive subreddit by "Utgaard", who describes himself as competition-level gun owner, making some points with all kinds of implications:

Vive is a fantastic piece of hardware that already can be used for some actual useful training and fun in that regard. BUT, the angles of the gun grips are mostly all off, and that screws up muscle memory for those of us who have been doing this for a long time. I enjoy [VR gun-oriented games] ... but I am afraid playing them too much right now will make me worse at competitions where speed and accuracy are absolutely critical.

He even goes so far as to create that image above for reference, citing another VR/RL gun fan:

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Amazingly Realistic Dynamic Lighting in SL With Projectors

parcel auto return

Beev Fallen doesn't just take fantastic SL photos (as I wrote about here), he's also creating fantastic demos of realistic lighting in SL like the above, achieved through projectors:

Scene uses five projectors to emulate light & color reflections, and a few regular lights for ambient lighting. Thanks Skills for sharing this awesome trick with SL projectors. [Yes, the Skills who's been booted out of Second Life. -- WJA] Built for "Ambient Dark" WindLight preset (100% darkness), which is the best way to achieve precise results with lights, projectors and materials.

Here's Beev's tutorial for doing something similar:

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Top Five New World Notes Posts from Last Week!

High Fidelity VR Vive

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Play Humani: Jessie's Story, New Game from Rod Humble Where You Advise a Lively, High Drama Chatbot

Humani Jessie Story Rod Humble Chatbot

Humani: Jessie's Story is a fun new game lead designed by former Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble, who's now Chief Creative Officer of Pullstring, a company that specializes in AI-powered chatbots. You play Jessie's Story entirely through Facebook Messenger, communicating with Jessie, a high-drama twentysomething, as if she's one of your Facebook friends, giving her advice throughout the day and learning about her wild life. (That's me above, telling her how to meet a hot dude at a coffee shop.) The company tells me the entire game story takes about 25-30 hours to play, so this is something you can enjoy for many weeks while multitasking on your PC or wandering around with your phone.

"[E]ven though the game has only been available on Messenger for less than one week," Rod tells me, "player numbers are in the thousands - which we are very happy with so far. Because Humani: Jessie’s Story is the first PullString game aimed at a broader audience, the goal is not as much about high player numbers as it is to see what game play elements resonate within this kind of text-based conversational experience."

More from Rod on Jessie, and what the technology behind the game suggests for the future of AI-based conversations in games:

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Win a Special Fawns SL Breedable Four-Pack (Partner News)

Fawns SL breedable four pack

Click here to enter your SL name in a drawing to win a pre-order four-pack of Fawns, the popular SL breedable game that's a proud partner of New World Notes. Fawns developers are giving away ten free copies of this four-pack, and to enter, you just need to follow the instructions here and enter your SL name. 

What's a four-pack? Glad you asked:

  • Four Unbirthed Fawns
  • A Fawns home
  • One Week of Ether
  • One LE Unbirthed Fawn

Also to be delivered after the contest has selected its winners:

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Alice Taylor Weighs Pros & Cons of VR Hype

Facebook Social VR

My friend and longtime game developer Alice Taylor has a really good analysis on Boing Boing of VR hype as it stands now, fairly weighing the pros and cons. Here's a particularly good passage:

OK, some traditional signs of possible near-future mini-doom: a growing lurch of VC investments into VR & AR (over $1.1bn already in 2016) which will pile on the pressure to succeed, as big and as fast as possible. Then there’s the issue that VR isn’t something you can easily do on the bus, or at work when the boss isn’t looking. VR isn’t very sociable yet, either - and if we’ve learned any lessons from the growth of Facebook games and then Mobile games, it’s that social, bus-time and sneaky-work-play are killer use cases.

But there are so many pros. VR’s potential could easily stretch to defense (urgh), tourism, communication, leisure - as you may be reading in all the headlines. We heard all that before with Second Life, or more recently too even with 3D Printing, but there’s a difference with VR: this time we have a phalanx of huge companies visibly on board, very publicly "long play" invested: Facebook, Samsung, Google, Valve, Sony.

I could hair split the second paragraph -- Second Life did have some major tech companies getting visibly on board (beyond one-off marketing experiments), including Amazon and IBM, which built a whole corporate campus in SL. (Which was so prominent, a labor union held a protest there.) For that matter, Sony Home was a direct response to Second Life, as was Google's Lively. (Anyone still remember Lively?) But like I said, that's niggling, because Google, Sony, etc. are putting way more money and effort into VR now than they ever even considered with Second Life. So Alice's point still stands.

Alice's point about investment into VR is a really good one too:

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SL Flickr of the Day: VeRaCruZa's "Purple Tears"

Purple Tears (Tribute)

"Honey, I know, I know, I know times are changing. It's time we all reach out for something new, that means you too."

More from VeRaCruZa here. More from Prince any time great pop music is played, because he pretty much influenced it all.

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