Interesting Potatoes is an Artfully Ironic SL Fashion Blog

SL fashion blog Interesting Potatos

Interesting Potatoes by "littabit" is among the most artful Second Life fashion blogs I've ever seen, full of wry imagery and ironic juxtapositions and commentary. It's still an SL fashion blog, with links to all the items featured in each pic, but just about each pic could also be bought, framed, and sold in a Highland Park hipster art boutique. Go here to peruse.

(Much thanks to Jessica Pixel for the tip.)

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Realistic Second Life Fashion Shoot Like an Indie Movie

Second Life realistic fashion blog

I love this new SL fashion blog post by Brie Wonder and I'll tell you why: Where most SL fashion tends toward the fantastic or at least idealized (which is fine, but can get to be monotonous), Brie devotes her talents to creating a moment that could be taken from an indie movie, one of those slovenly types where twentysomethings slum it in shabby apartments, yet somehow still seem glam. Note the slouchy postures, the old couch. Morbidly ironic t-shirts. Emo expressions! Discarded juice bottles!

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Artful Second Fashion Blog Token Chic Returns!

SL Fashion Blog token chic

Token Chic is an excellent SL fashion blog by Ms. Brie Wonder which has been defunct for some years, but now it's back and beautiful. Here's what I wrote about it back in 2011:

She makes the metaverse seem like a series of American Realist studies. You could seriously take just about any one of her pics, print and frame it, and have yourself some fine art on the wall. 

As for Ms. Wonder, here's where she's been, and what she's noticed since coming back to SL:

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How to Succeed as a Second Life Fashion Designer: Advice from NWN Partner Xme Xue of Ample Avi

Ample Avi Second Life Full Shapes

Ample Avi has been a popular Second Life avatar shape/fashion brand for many years, with a large presence on the SL Marketplace and in-world (map location here, Destination Guide listing here). And since Ample is also a proud sponsoring partner of New World Notes, I asked the founder and CEO, Xme Xue, to share some secrets to creating a successful avatar enhancement business.

Ms. Xue makes about 85% of her real life living through her Second Life creations. ("I have a part-time job," she adds, "which I do from my home, and I keep that job as my safety net.") She works hard for her Lindens, to be sure: "You can find me in Second Life a good 40-plus hours each week," she tells me, 'but the 'plus' part is often the rule, rather than the exception." And notably, in contrast to the popularity of mesh-based creation, with Ample avatar shapes, "Everything is done in-world, using SL-provided tools."

After the break, Xme's tips for SL fashion/avatar creators:

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Second Life's 10th Anniversary Hair Fair: Watch How Epic Collaborative Charity Can Be

Shot by NWN alum Coley, here's a beautiful, atmospheric look at this year's Hair Fair:

Now in its 10th year, Second Life's Hair Fair is a massive annual event bringing together dozens of content creators selling virtual hair and accessories, with Linden Dollar proceeds converted to US dollars and then donated to Wigs for Kids, a non-profit providing hair pieces to kids undergoing chemotherapy and other medical issues. It's epic in scope and talent, and a case study in how powerful collaborative charity online can truly be.

Hair Fair runs until July 26: Go here for all the resources you need to join the fun.

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Wet Hot Second Life Summer Shots, Perfectly Staged

Second Life Summer shots

These are some really well-staged shots depicting a virtual Summer in Second Life (from French language SL blog Plu Belle La Second Life). Note the dude caught mid-dive, adding motion to the scene. For that matter, note the lifeguard who is a giant furry, which is still significantly less ridiculous than a lifeguard who is David Hasselhoff. Many more virtual Côte d'Azur-esque pics here.

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Take a Survey on Female Second Life Mesh Avatars

Second Life Mesh Body Surveys

Ms. Strawberry Singh has a survey on female mesh avatars -- which brand you wear (if any), what kind of clothes you wear to complement it (if some), and how much mesh avatars have transformed the SL fashion market (if at all). I'll summarize the results on NWN, so go here to put in your opinion.

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Flickr Not Blogs the Main Influence in the SL Fashion Scene?

The influence of Flickr on Second Life Blogging

SL blogger Monica Querrien makes an interesting case that Flickr, not blogs, are the key influencer of Second Life's fashion community:

What I think bloggers need to understand is this: Your blog is not only your personal space, but it’s also your personal brand. The people who are asking all of these requirements don’t necessarily care about your brand – it’s about what you can do for them to help get their message out there. You have to position yourself so when the next big trend to promoting for an event/store comes around, that it won’t be such a drastic change for you. With regard with Flickr, every blogger should already be on Flickr, posting pics, following people, and have a list of favorite photos. I will even go as far as saying that your blog should have a link to your Flickr somehow. So now, with the latest trend focusing on Flickr, it is just a matter of building on what you have already started.

Read the rest here on Monica's blog, which she's promoting via her Flickr photo above. Flickr is definitely a major node of influence among SLers (not to self: revive our SL FLickr Stream posts), but it's a striking idea that it's the most important, at least among SL fashionistas. Agree there?

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Second Life Fashion Spreads Need More Slapstick Action

Because, just look at how cool this is:

Second Life Fashion

Pic by Danni Ravinelli, who also happens to have a great SL bio pic. More like this, please. (Iris is on semi-hiatus doing great things, so I'm covering her SL fashion beat as best as I can.)

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Gacha Fever: Second Life Designers Are Dropping Stunning Work-In-Progress Teasers for Upcoming Fashion Event

Pixicat Arcade teaser
Janine "Iris Ophelia" Hawkins' ongoing review of gaming and virtual world style

'Tis the season once again -- for The Arcade, I mean. Second Life's most popular gacha event will open its doors on Monday, June 1st, and designers are already starting to tease the sets they'll be offering in their gacha machines.

My favorite so far has to be the work-in-progress teaser posted above, a set of mesh corsets from Pixicat. Pixicat (both the brand and the designer) are known for clothing and accessories with a lot of detail work that's more than just texture deep. She's a phenomenally talented 3D modeler, and her work is always intricate and costume-like. She takes so much care with every swoop and swirl of her creations that these finished corsets are sure to be a must-have from the upcoming event. I mean, seriously, just look at them.

If you want to know more about The Arcade, keep your eyes on their website. In addition to having an event calendar, group info and all the latest news, it  will be updated with a full catalog of what's available closer to the event's launch. As for Pixicat, you can check out more of her work (eventually including the finished corsets) in her Flickr gallery.

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