Thursday, July 17, 2003


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i think this games is graet


Hey this article was pretty interesting. I came here because of its reference to the Confederate Flag which is NOT racist.

The Confederate Battle Flag represents all Southern, and even Northern, Confederates regardless of race or religion and is the symbol of less government, less taxes, and the right of the people to govern themselves. It is flown in memory and honor of our Confederate ancestors and veterans who willingly shed their blood for Southern independence.

A Short History Lesson

Just as the War for American Independence of 1776, the War for Southern Independence of 1861 was fought over "taxation without representation." The North was constantly trying to raise taxes on Southerners through high tariffs on imported goods in order to protect the inefficient big businesses in the North. These big businesses could not compete with manufactured goods from England and France with whom the South traded cotton. The South did not have factories and had to import most finished products.

The Industrial Revolution allowed England and France to produce and ship across the Atlantic products that were cheaper than the products of Northern manufacturers.

When Lincoln was elected President, he and the U.S. Congress immediately passed the Morrill Tariff (the highest import tax in U.S. history), more than doubling the import tax rate from 20% to 47%. This tax served to bankrupt many Southerners. Though the Southern states represented only about 30% of the U.S. population, they paid 80% of the tariffs collected. Oppressive taxes, denial of the states' rights to govern their states, and an unrepresentative federal government pushed the Southern states to legally withdraw from the Union.

Since the Southerners had escaped the tax by withdrawing from the Union, the only way the North could collect this oppressive tax was to invade the Confederate States and force them at gunpoint back into the Union.

It was to collect this import tax to satisfy his Northern industrialist supporters that Abraham Lincoln invaded our South. Slavery was not the issue. Lincoln's war cost the lives of 600,000 Americans.

The truth about the Confederate Flag is that it has nothing to do with racism or hate. The Civil War was not fought over slavery or racism.

For more info on why the Confederate Flag isn't racist visit this site:


A site run by the decendent of a Black Confederate Soldier.


wow, I know this is old, but wow! not the post, the comment.

Yes, you can find web sites to argue that the confederate flag is not racist. You can also find web sites that argue that we never went to the moon, that the holocaust never happened, and that the earth is flat - and they are just as honest and true as this stuff.

Slavery most certainly was the issue that led my Virginian great-great-grandfather to join the Union army. Slavery was the issue in contemporary papers including my great-great-great uncle's abolitionist newspaper set on fire and burned tot he groun by those lovers of liberty from the south. That was the issue of the day in the campaigns, in the news and it was the reason for the war. To pretend otherwise is just pure lying...and if you are lying to yourself - that's even worse.

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