Monday, January 10, 2005


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Jade Fondue

I found the article interesting, but a little lightweight. While it did a good job of exploring these people's feelings for each other, it left me wanting to know more about people who play the opposite gender in SL. I've read that SL 'players' are overwhelmingly male, yet that has not been my experience in world. Obviously, many, many of the guys are playing as girls. What are their motivations, what do they get out of it? How do they feel about playing the opposite gender? How would they feel if anyone in real life found out about it? There are so many questions I would have like to have seen addressed. Might be fodder for another article...


Demian Tank

"Some people will unfortunately always judge others harshly," unfortunatly true
however i don't judge--
my head hurts--too many words


I am a middle aged male that plays a highly attractive female role in SL. In RL I am in a regular hererosexual relationship but have always thought myself bisexual (tho I have never actually experienced an actual same sex relationship). I used to watch a lot of porn but never gay porn and just recently (seriously!) it ocurred to me for the first time that I fantasise about being the girl. When I signed up to SL I immediately wanted to be female. Although in real life I am not in the slightest bit feminine, in SL I am a real girlie girl. I love shopping for new lingerie and shoes. Love drssing up and having a lovely handbag. I have lots of girl friends, some of which I regularly have sex with. The intimacy of a slow dance while having a lovely chat is second to none.
I am horrified about being found out at home and know full well it would wreck our relationship. Also, I am conscious that if some in world GF's found out they would be very mad with me too... However, it's gotten like a drug. I can't wait to get online and feel a warmth in my in world relationships hard to replicate in RL. It may be leading to madness and I recognise I need to hold onto reality. Since xmas I have been rationing myself and ensuring that tasks are taken care of before visiting SL. However, much time is occupied with thinking of it and I miss my friends...

ManicExpression Beebe

This concept in the artical is somewhat new to me. I have thought about the possiblity of deviating from one's own sex on SL, but never of finding love while doing it. I think that one(male or female)has questions about what it would be like to be the opposite sex. A person can fake it online, through text, but there is no real symbolism behind it the words. But with SL everyone can see your gender the second you are there, and in turn you are treated a certain way socially. I think that it is a good Idea for everyone to expirence the opposite sex role. It helps enhance the over all expirence of life, and give a much broader perspective on the world.

Lionel Oliva

I met someone who did an excellent job faking for 5 months. All I can say is I'm glad he purports to live in the UK, because I don't.


can u get in trouble with SL for playing the opposite sex?

PLR - Private Label Article Packs

You can try to find plr sources by typing in plr articles in any search engines

Archie Lukas

Ever tried meeting the same person as different sex in SL and seeing if they are still attracted to your 'personaility'?

After a quick experiment -I came clean afterwards - NO.

The preconceptions just ruled out any viable interaction. She just was not interested, despite being bi-sexual in SL & RL.

Weird or what?

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