Wednesday, June 29, 2005


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Joshua Nightshade

Well he certainly nailed the forum part pretty well, as any day now they're going to be more than scrubbed clean; they're going to be wiped away.

Ladybug Melville

Well he certainly nailed the forum part pretty well, as any day now they're going to be more than scrubbed clean; they're going to be wiped away.



I was just reading the other day about political movements in MMORPGs. Like the gnome protests in World of Warcraft.

Blizzard did the same thing that Lindon does. It made public protest illegal or impossible.

Still, the possibility of polotics in a simulated world amaze me. The issues that Mr. Neva is addressing isn't part of real world polotics, it is polotics completely created by the game world.

And it turns out that game worlds aren't democracies.

IntLibber Brautigan

here we are in 2008. I joined in late 2006, and quickly amassed 12, then 35, then 45 sims, along with being an architect, all without the help of LL. Prok names me to the FIC simply because of my success, though I do not belong to any insider groups. Some claim Lindens hate me, some claim I'm their best buddy. I find it all a joke, and now SL registrations have hit 17 million users, 17 times the mark Prok said was impossible without her liberal socialist influence upon things.

The conclusion: Prok has been wrong about a LOT of things, but you'll never get her to admit it.


SO here we sit in late 2011 with Prok still on-board and continuing to pour her particular brand of vitriol into the overwhelmed ears of anybody brainless enough to listen for more than a few seconds.

The so-called "permanent" ban from the forums is no longer there. The university in SL with whom Neva was at constant war is gone as are many of her enemies.

Yes, there is a feted inner core right enough. Prokofy Neva seems to be one of them since many have been banned from SL for far less obnoxious behavior than she herself is guilty of.

Yet on she goes, month after month, year after year griefing pretty much anybody she damned well pleases with no fear of discipline from Linden Lab.

It not that she's been wrong about many things as stated above. It's more that she's seldom been right about anything which has made her a much hated figure the web over.


Neva is a revolutionary without a cause. A middle aged housewife heading towards elderly troll/nerd wannabe with a fascination for all things Iron Curtain who has always underperformed by quite a few hairs behind people she refers to as F.I.C. - both creatively and intellectually. This is quite apparent through her posts she dedicates to singling out individuals. Her strife is not so much motivated by justice and desire to better the world around her, it's motivated by the agony of a person who never got to find a place for herself she things she deserves because of her social ineptitude, unwillingness to offer kindness and frankly - her self-inflicted repulsive appearance. I think SL gave her a great opportunity to try one more time to become someone prominent without the necessity to overcome her social paranoia and having to be in physical proximity of other humans and when she realized that even in this setting she doesn't make the cut, she consciously decided to dedicate her malfunctioning brain-power to being a quasi intellectual cyber bully. A good regular dosage of vitamin P could possibly soothe her ailments.

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