Wednesday, March 29, 2006


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Dolus Naumova

Those look beautiful.

Falcao Vega

Apollo is a treasure, but it's sad that Dane has had to rent out portions for weddings. Here's what it was like as recently as February 7.


Franky Donaldo

Apollo has one of the most intense yet beautiful and serene atmospheres in all of Secondlife. If have not visited yet be sure you do - you'll love it!

Tao Takashi

Thanks for getting that Story behind Apollo :-)
I've also added two pics of it to my blog.


I also want to thank the creator for Apollo. It's the favorite place of so many, including myself.

Another relaxing destination is Svarga.


Apollo is my only pick so far in SL. Great Place!!!

Chip Echegaray

A really mesmerizing and beautiful SIM. And the music is entrancing. Do you suppose you could advise the name of the internet radio being played? The female English announcer *seemed* to be saying something like "Guyslap Radio", but that is not it.


thanks for your beautiful entry.I am the french guardian angel of lost gardens of Apollo.Let me invite you to come see me as you pass there.
You will be wecomed :)))


Yes, what is that radio station? I spend a lot of late-night time in the Gardens, as the ambiance helps me get ready for sleep. The music is a huge part of the experience for me.


I found it! It's Gaia's Lap Radio, a project of Artists4Mercy.org. They stream via their website; the non-pay version is passable enough. Apparently, Dane Zander pays for the high-bandwidth version, as there's a significant difference in sound quality in my 'phones when I'm listening to the Gardens stream. So there's another reason to drop a few Lindens in his donation urns.

Marigold Devin

The Lost Gardens of Apollo were introduced to me by one of the Estate Managers there - Flix Zabelin. He must have seen my need for inner peace, for a combination of the mesmeric music, beautiful architecture, tai chi area, and the many hidden places (such as the ethereal pools in the sky), never fail to calm me when RL has been a particular trial.
There is an air of sensuality rather than sexuality.

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