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Monday, April 24, 2006


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Torley Linden

What I'd like to ask Mia *waves hi*, is:

Mia, do you consider the term "conducer" to be related to "prosumer", which Alvin Toffler coined?


They both apppear to be portmanteaus relating to the same sorts of heads and tails, but perhaps with the difference that a "conducer" implies being a consumer *first*. Thanx, and awesome lecture! :)

Nice editing Jamlet, very easy to read on my 204B!

Troy McLuhan

Thanks for making this transcript, Hamlet. I like how you synthesized the slides with the text.

My ISP has been having connectivity problems lately, so attending the event was difficult (although I tried!). I really appreciate being able to read this in lieu of being there.

Hamlet Au

Glad to help!

I'm trying to set a standard for editing chat transcripts cuz it drives me *crazy* when people just post a raw chat history with all the "So and so is online", cross-talk, etc. I don't know anyone can read that.

Nicholas Martin

I despise this trend to copywright everything that is IP. >-|

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