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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


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Petey Wheatstraw

I wonder how much these guys read up on morphogenesis before creating this thing...various system for developing forms are better understood day by day. It would be cool to see someone implement them in SL. See Goodwin, B., "How the Leopard Changed Its Spots."

Millions Brewster

This article got farked http://forums.fark.com/cgi/fark/comments.pl?IDLink=2032814

Troy McLuhan

Sunflowers that follow the sun have already been created in SL. For example, check out these:


made by BamBam Sachertorte.

Corporal Candour

Interesting...I'm a big fan of Robbie's work, and this is one of the more interesting things he's made. I'm not sure I have the patience though :P


i love to smoke weed!!!! 4:20 all day baby!!!


why dont you add sl-links?

Abbey Hoffman

I got the growing pot plant as a gift for xmas and it's on my list of "my very favorite things in SL".

My compliments to Dave and Robbie. It's refreshing to see a professionally done product like this to show that we're not all stereotypical stoners just because we enjoy the benefits (either medicinal or recreational) of the cannabis plant in RL.

And as far as esthetics go, the marijuana plant is one of the most beautiful fractal creations in nature. Good choice!


Hey, i need some quick tips on growing your plant.

1. when to water
2. is bong water good to poor on it
3. when is the best time to pick the buds
or can you let them get as big as you want.


Where do u buy the seeds and where in SL can u plant it? thanx:)


Fitz Dyer

Please send quote on synthetic plants in your website similar to photos 5 and 6 between 5 to 6 feet tall, delivered to zip 33176

Bronsen Mornington

"Broadly offensive" to many RL people is what drugs are. This is part of the dark side of SL, and lends credence to suspicions about it. One, that the scripters and builders of SL tend to be amoral and anti-social. Two, that SL "hippie" venues are fronts for the drug trade. Using the same script on a sunflower would have been more socially responsible and better for the image of SL.


For: Bronsen Mornington

I sugest you look some data up before you make such declarations.

There's no such thing as a relation between weed and principles. There's only low social levels and politic contexts in some countries that make legal-pot impossible to apply.

There are cientifically proven health benefits from using this plant all around the world, and NOT only in California, most of the states are starting to apply pro-cannabis/hemp regulation and taxation policies to increase recaudation.

Also, there is cientific evidence proving that pot will not lead people to the use of stronger and more dangerous drugs.

War against drugs takes advantage of people ignorance about the topic.

PS: sorry about the poor english, I spean spanish.

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