Thursday, April 20, 2006


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Tao Takashi

Actually I will be very curious what will happen after the ages of dwell :-)
And not having campers all over might be a good thing IMHO. To me they reminded me really to Matrix - people sitting or dancing there without any soul, living meanwhile in another world (RL probably) ;-)

So people need to get creative again and so I hope there's much we can be looking forward to.

John Resig

I guess I'm kind of confused - what's to stop them from changing the camping chairs to start with x0 multiplier - forcing you to 'play the slots' to go up to x1, x2, etc. People would be happy, as they would still make money, while the owners would still get the majority of the income.

Even though I never really benefited from dwell money, I'm kind of sad to see it go. It seems like if they adapted it to only pay people who have original, non-paying, content - it would still work. Although, I'm not sure about the logistics, so that may not be possible.

Dildo Baggins

Enough about campy ex-marines...let's hear some more about you, Hamlet!

You seem like such an interesting person....[sic]


Camping rates have dropped after the gambling ban but there are still many camping locations in Second Life.

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