Thursday, May 25, 2006


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Aimee Weber

This was a total blast. Nice chance to schmooze (and by schmooze I mean...alienate the crowd with my ABBA music. YAY ME!)

By the way, that Hipster getting down with me is the talented SL animator Kiari Lefay.

Celebrity Trollop

Hi Hammy. My name's misspelled (no "E" in trollop -- well, maybe in Shakespeare's day) but it was a blast to hang out.

The photos with the 1.10 lighting are flat out amazing. Wow, so cool.

P.S. ABBA rules!

Tao Takashi

More photos in my blog entry here (a little down).

Was a nice hangout. Unfortunately I had to go to bed then.. next time I will try longer ;-)

Hamlet Au

Thanks for coming, Tao! Those are really great screenshots, how'd you get them to look so cool?

Aimee Weber

Celebrity Trollop : "P.S. ABBA rules!"

<3 !

Hamlet Au

I can't second that emotion, but I can correct Ms. Trollop's last name mispelling-- sorry about that!

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