Wednesday, May 31, 2006


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The autoverse is upon us. Greg Egan would be proud.

Ian Hughes

That is a really nice and clever use of SL. Some of my lot had been considering developing interoperating objects that needed supplies of food of fuel. Nowhere on this scale. Nice work

Frans Charming

Very nice work Lauk!
A visit to Svarga is long overdue.

Ghoti Nyak

WOW! This is amazing! *organizes a field trip!*



Thanks everyone, especially Hamlet for such a great mix of fact and humour!

The eco-system is still on hold atm and will be until June 1st at least. But I've just this moment got my computer back and simultaneously got a new one !!! I feel like a kid at Christmas! I won't be back online fully until 1st June at which time I'll start it all up again :)


um... as for that statement about bollox, it looks like I'm flaming academics, honestly I'm not! Just as I said it we had a big influx of visitors and got sidetracked so I never finished the sentence... I was going to say I don't like to let myself get too swayed by other peoples work especially acedemic papers on the subject. Many of which get way too high folluted and can put off some people ( especially students ) from even attempting to do a-life imho. My method is to get some ideas coded first it first and then work out why they're not working, which is probably not the best way but it's the way I work ;-) .. cough...


This has to be one of the most creative things I have heard about yet in SL. I cannot wait to visit your island! Thanks Hamlet, great work!

Icon Serpentine

Wow! Inspiring!

I can't wait to log in and check it out tonight. Someone achieved what I had only started dreaming of little over a year ago when I started aLife and experimenting with emergent life patterns.

Awesome. Awesome awesome awesome.



A long time ago I had Sim-Life, and it was fun, and I've been wondering when someone would take something like that to the next level.

At the same time, this type of thing makes me wonder how close "The Matrix" and "The Thirteenth Floor" are to our own universe. It messes with my mind man!

forseti svarog

lauk is one of my favorite builders in SL. I was in svarga last week admiring the sheer beauty of the place. I had no idea of the true scale of what she is working on. Very very cool.

So glad you blogged this, Hamlet. This is a great example of what SL is truly capable of.



Lionhead Studios should re-hire you and quadrouple your salary!

At least, I would!

Luciftias Neurocam

Lauk is a genius. And her early stuff at Orwood Castle and Lauk's nest is what helped inspire me to try and do this sort of thing myself. We're still in the development stage at Terminus, just a few critters, but we've got a decent API for all alife interactions thanks to user Never Rust, who apparently has Lauk to thank for some converations regarding critter-on-critter interaction.

Lauk's work is a testament to what one can achieve in SL.


Brilliant work, congratulations! I need to check SL urgently...
(obs: the link is actually a Trackback to this post, since Blogger does not seem to support this feature)

Cheap Wow gold

Wow that is just amazing!

Torley Linden

It's soooo pretty there. Lauk gives great tours.

A lot of times when I see "experiments", they look pretty raw--but this has tons of organic polish. You can almost feel the dirt under your avatar's fingernails!

And I agree about the "academic" angle. What I really have enjoyed about Svarga is it's so easy to enjoy, even if you don't want to get into advanced science. You can explore that later at your leisure without being encumbered. :)

Ethan Cinquetti

I had a chance to visit Svarga after seeing it mentioned on Slog. I had no idea at the time there was a blossoming ecosystem. Even if that were absent, Svarga would still merit a visit. It's surely one of the most uniquely and gorgeously designed regions in the SL world.


Go, Lauk! Not just for your incredible SL work, but for you and your little love! Go, girl, go!---yer bud, Hens.

patch lamington

wow! really impressed at this.

Ordinal Malaprop

Very nice, I am making a note to visit. This has inspired me to resurrect a project further to my electricity system with which I had been mentally toying, but not actually worked on. I think I need more land, though... (is that not always the case?)


Wow, incredibly beautiful. Great work on this.


SL gives you the tools other online games do not. You can do pretty much anything you can imagine. To make matters sweeter, there is no monthly fee.


re: lauk's comment: i think trying something and then figuring out why it doesn't work is a _wonderful_ way to learn things! imagine how many students there are in the world who are told by a teacher, for example, that you can't write an algorithm which decides for a given turing machine with given programming whether the machine will ever halt. surely every once in a while a student thinks, but i've got an idea for such an algorithm! those, of course, haven't understood the problem fully, yet. but after they tried to actually solve the problem and analyzed why they must have failed, they do understand it. and sometimes, with some problems, they even prove the teacher wrong and make a wonderful discovery. i'm all for trial and error -- it may not be the best software engineering method, but it's tightly linked with learning.

Laukosargas Svarog

Ok, something things need to be said as the wonderful world of blogging is spreading a misconception like chinese whispers around the web ...

At no time have I ever worked for Lionhead, I did work on a very small part of B&W as a tester and coder but NOT as a Lionhead employee. I mentioned B&W as an example of excellence in gaming and because it was a big inspiration to me. Please don't make such a big deal about this part of my history. Thanks :)

And once again thank you to everyone who has been around Svargo to see the project.

I'm totally amazed at the level of interest this has generated !

Hiro Pendragon

Great screenshots, Hammy! They do this wonderful island justice - I think you captured some of my favorite spots there. :)

Cybin Monde

AWESOME work, Lauk!!!

i was just ther a little bit ago and was SUPER impressed.. this is the type of thing i used to imagine for the future of SL. it's great to see more and more of this being done.

i'm suprised nobody has mentioned the music you have playing there.. it feels like organic, ambient/IDM and SO perfectly fits the scenery!

simply awe-inspiring..


Incredibly beautiful. Really amazing. Great work! This is the opinion of three people, we visited Svarga in SL together. It surely has been my best experience in SL.


I am working on a 5 acre VR park --which I expect will include Svarga.
I appologize if you get too many emails but could you fil me in on the current specs?

I am interested in the application as a walkaround VR and so would need "head tracking" for "terrain following". I presume you would be aware of the latest eyewear as well. Visitors will probabily wear a 'wireless belt' of some kind. But I'd like to know what you recomend.

I am told that the newer HMDs will have saccade correction software as well as high definition.
I hope to combine this with other custom software but would like to showcase existing work.



I am sory.


My favorite spot in SL, I've recommended it to dozens of people. I'm a rhythm nut, and the drum circle and vocal circle are lovely.

The ever-changing garden in the SW corner is sooo peaceful, but would you consider taking down the artificial walls. They are a tad cheezy, I think.

Not to complain. Thanks for you beautiful creation.

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