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Monday, May 01, 2006


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Relee Baysklef

Ahh, what an amazing world we live in. ^.^

I'm curious though Hammy, was the military intervention your idea of a better world, or Matador's?

Luciftias Neurocam

Do the power rings come equipped with any kind of functionality, besides looking cool?

Relee Baysklef

Eheh, interestingly enough when I went to Darfur (the sim) after reading this, the SLURL couldn't deliver me to the right sim, and I ended up in Korea! XD

When I finally got to Darfur, it kicked me out right away. I'm not sure if it's working at all...

Gypsy Rambler

yes the rings have functionality and they are very cool.

Relee, I don't get the need to label what the GL's are doing as a "military intervention". They are group of nice people doing what they can to be a positive presence where it seems it's desperately needed.
You sound like a griefer.

Relee Baysklef

Ahh hah, sorry, it's not I who have misunderstood it is you!

See, in the article it says "In a better world, there'd be no need for protest. In a better world, after short deliberation, international leaders would send their elite soldiers with a mandate and an arsenal, and for the first time in their bloody careers, the butchers of women and children would be the ones who felt afraid, knowing that the arbiters of rough justice had gotten their guns and were coming for them. In a better world, all this would happen so quickly, there wouldn't even be time to create the simulation of a refugee camp in Second Life. Let alone find it necessary to protect it." and I wanted to know if that was Hamlet's opinion or someone else's.

Lizbeth Marlowe

Relee, you said, "I'm curious though Hammy, was the military intervention your idea of a better world, or Matador's?"


So now you are asking if it was Hamlet's or Matador's idea? Who writes the articles for this blog?

And still you don't get it. Reread that paragraph a few more times and maybe you will understand it. Let me see if I can explain... You see, nations wait and watch genocide far too long before they actually DO anything to stop it. Check your history books...

Hamlet is saying, in a better world, there would be no "watching and waiting", genocide is wrong and there would be immediate action to stop it.

Make sense now?

Always there will be people who find something wrong with a nation sending it's military into another country to try to put a stop to something going terribly wrong, but put their family in that situation...or someone dear to them, and suddenly, they get it.

Think on that a while.

AnonyLantern :D

We definitely do stay within the terms of service. To paraphrase Hamlet, we try to stand in the gap until the Lindens can help, by helping citizens and making sure things get reported, and maybe even more importantly, offering a shoulder to lean on in times of need.

Hamlet Au

Kallfunahuel Matador's Comments deleted at his request.

Yes, in that passage, I was stating my personal opinion about intervening in the real Darfur, especially in comparison to, say, sending terse e-mails to the Sudanese embassy. (Though to be sure, in the best possible world, there'd be no reason to intervene at all.) I didn't discuss the Green Lantern's opinion of what should be done in the Suden, other than wanting the genocide to stop.

Relee Baysklef

Ah thanks Hammy. ^.^

I understood the point of the comment, even though I don't really agree with it. Mostly I was just curious if that was your personal opinion or the stated opinion of the person you were interviewing.

It seems some folks still don't understand that is all I wanted to know, and are misenterpreting my comments in a hostile fashion. ^.^;;


This story has a really classic, '03 feel to it for some reason.


I heard very recently about this issue. Unfortunate. Although I have to admit I'm equally curious about the Green Lanterns. That name sounds oddly familiar...


... so will this "roleplay" become an issue for DC?

I'm just waiting for a griefer to infiltrate and do something embarrassing.

Kallfunahuel Matador

Relee, I understood that's what you wanted to know. I just didn't get back in time. . . rather I understood the second time :P , and then Hamlet beat me to it. I had my other posts deleted because I used the wrong email address, I hope you did not find them hostile.

Lizbeth Marlowe

Relee, I am sorry to come off as hostile. Text is difficult to interpret at times. Glad you understand what it is that they are trying to do.

And Hamlet, I look forward to that better world.


Wow, that story was really fascinating. Thanks for the great work. As a newbie to SL, these kind of insights help me to see what the big deal is about.


In this virtual non real world what difference does it make.

Chuck Staples

To those who would enjoy SL as a civilized community, and as a place to create and share content without harassment, it matters a great deal.

Chuck / =Sinclair


Thanks for that story. It helps me to understand the situation in SL better.

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