Wednesday, May 03, 2006


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Bino Arbuckle

I thought the plaque near the Governor's mansion in Clementina was in honor of the Lindens...?

The Beta Memorial Wall is in Plum.

But I admit, beyond that, there's not much to show a preservation of SL's history actually in-world. We have the History Wiki of course, and Snapzilla, but they will always have that sense of detachment as they are external. Perhaps with uBrowser integration we will see them brought closer into the fold.

SL is still in early settlement, growing and expanding. Preservation is sacrificed for the sake of economic progress. If sims were free, there'd be a million sims, one for each of the individually significant builds for their time -- but they're not and there aren't.

Relee Baysklef

I remember back in the olden days when I had been on SL long enough to have some 'personal holdings', I owned a nice piece of land on the southeast corner of the Mocha sim, overlooking the Lime sim. Lime was a Linden-held national park, basically a sim with no buildings and few plants and a small lake. I like to consider myself the 'soveriegn ruler of lime' even though I didn't own the land, simply because from my Mocha citadel I could unleash torrents of hellfire or cute bubbles or whatever I wanted into Lime without care. XD

Those were the good old days. :P

Oh and Myst: Uru was restarted, I hear. People are once again able to play it online. I'm not sure if it's a pirate server or the original one, though I don't believe they're updating it or anything.


I'm sorry, but Robyn does have a point. I've had nearly two years to puzzle the interface out and it *still* baffles me at times. And even Torley has agreed that Find is in need of a makeover.

Best interactive UI I've dealt with probably goes to the Diablo II game of all things. Second best is FireFox browser. The Myst games are average, and Uru is fair (though the KI interface probably could have had an overhaul if Live had continued).

As for Uru itself, well, that story is a bit complicated (at least a bit much for a comment). The short answer is that Live is not back - yet. ;) I will eventually generate a proper summary of where it stands, for both my site and within SL.


Falcao Vega

Robyn doesn't seem to bring all his faculties to bear on the SL experience. He seems to have been listless and dispirited. I wonder how much effort he really expended.

But more importantly, like all creatives he just wishes that, dammit, people had better taste! I wish this every time I see those gadawful JEVN vendors with their pseudogold buttons like something created by a bad web designer, circa 1996. It's a kind of 'design elitism' that most experience when young and fresh out of school, or if you have the money to keep yourself sheltered. But at some point most people come to realize that aesthetics are justifiably not a consideration for 90% of the world's residents.

If you have any energy (I wonder about Robyn) your choice is simple--create better! Add your light to the sum of light, those people who work to bring a more enlightened aesthetic to as much of SL as they can. It'll never work to the extent that even one full sim has higher standards, but maybe a few more areas will be Apollo-worthy (and wow, how easily that place could still be better--look at those trees, all that unnecessary 'shiny'...).

Maxx Monde

How embarrassing. Robyn Miller, co-creator of some of the most vivid, detailed environments in games I can recall - visiting the chaos of Secondlife.

Suprised he stayed long enough to get a sense of it, which interstingly stuck out enough to be worth of criticism.

I don't doubt SL is chaotic, I'm just sad he didn't get a chance to see the few rare jewels that make SL better than the sum of its plywood-textured parts.


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