Tuesday, May 23, 2006


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Torley Linden

My closest match was a Japanese porn star. I ain't saying which one. (And I hope noone takes my picture and scans it in to find out. :p )

Pathfinder Linden

Awesome. My closest match was:

"No face detected."


Damn those human-centric face filters...


My matches were Aishwariya Rai and Sophie Ellis-Bextor. I think I'd heard of Sophie before but in any case it's definitely not insulting! lol

Hamlet Au

Ha, cool. For those not in the know, this is Aishwariya Rai:


One night, Aishwariya Rai had a dream that she was a Torrid Midnight, then woke up and wondered if she was Torrid Midnight dreaming that she was Aishwariya Rai.

Elle Pollack

Actualy, wrong: Ben Linden put it SL avatar face up and posted the result on his blog, Bulk Upload.

Ben being the guy in charge of blowing stuff up, of course came back as Ted Kazinskii.

CDB Barkley

How strangely fun. I passed on Jorge Luis Borges, Brad Pitt (yechh), and settled for Hunter S Thompson. Yeah, the technology works!


Frans Charming

Apperantly i look like a young Ozzy Osborn.

Aimee Weber

Christina Ricci.

Yoofaloof Pacer

I seriously need to redesign my Avatars looks. My matches were nearly all female, Bette Davis, Anne Bancroft, Jayne Mansfield!!

Buster Keaton and Sean Bean, were my males.

Thank god for Sean Bean is all I can say.

Although I think the new hardware lighting has a lot to answer for.

Trinity Serpentine

Kim Catrell?!?!?! =O

Fiona Cork

Noami Campbell,
Kim Cattral
and Madonna . . . odd.


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