Friday, May 19, 2006


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Steve Mallett

Sorry for the multiple trackback pings (second unrelated) from alphajunkie. I was setting up trackback pings in performancing's FF extention & it got away on me.



yeah - it's pretty damn cool.

reminds me vaguely (especially the social dynamic) of nettrek back in 1990.


Mike Hearn

I wonder how much difference Mono will make to this sort of game. Unless memory limits are raised simultaneously, probably not a whole lot, but it'll be interesting to see at any rate.

Calix Metropolitan

Well as http relay starts next week, relays will be much faster, as noted by Phil Linden 2 days ago at Town Hall meeting, this will have a huge impact on the speed of the game and implications of upgrades...also with regards to $$$ Tech Warfare made 2600usd in a month in a half and was down for a couple of days b/c of the 1.9 update. I think that speaks volumes.

Ask the ppl who now have made 2-5k L$ playing. Like anything, games in SL this is a rolling snowball that at current rates continue to progress.

Hamlet's review was not only candid, but very insightful and much appreciatied for any Tech Warfare players and want to be players...to join the group Tech Warfare RTS is free and you will most always find a game on group chat.

Faitez les bonne temps roule!

- Calix M.

xah lee

A tech war guide article is here:


Looking back at this some years later, it's amazing how clunky and dated these games look compared to what we have today.

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