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Monday, May 15, 2006


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Llauren Mandelbrot

Oops! Above: "Asperger`s", "Asperger`s", "Asbergers", first two being correct. Toodle-oo!


Great interview, Hamlet.

I'd be interested in a similar story on people with physical disabilities using SL as a means of connecting with others. I've seen a couple of avatars in wheelchairs and wondered about this phenomenon.

Gwyneth Llewelyn

How weirdly strange to read this article today. I have talked to Tateru about the very same issue — months after dealing with her on what I could best describe a "professional" environment. "Mother Tateru" was at the time the hub of a rather large group of volunteers who were in desperate need of coordination, help, and mostly, motherly care. This was what Tateru provided, well over several months, and that was the image I had of her in my mind: the mother, the one who cares, the one who is always there, the one where you can bury your head in her lap and cry, and get some comfort — and encourage you to be "out there" in the hard world of volunteering duty the next day, feeling reassured that Tateru would always be there for your needs.

This is a special feeling that isn't nurtured by everybody; this is the kind of feeling you get when you're in front of someone *special*. My mental image of a strong motherly figure, who can be stern when needed, and provide comfort and reassurance whenever requested, was hard to shake, when she told me, quite a long while ago as well, that iRL she was shy, had a difficulty in socialising, and had Asperger's syndrome.

Well, Aspies flourish in SL, and I'm a bit naive when it comes to identifying them; but being shy? Having difficulties in socialising? I couldn't understand that at all. I had the opposite experience. Tateru draws people to her because of the warmth of her heart; she is, in a relationship, the one that *gives* — so hard to find in this egotistic world of Second Life.

Icon Serpentine

Autism these days is considered a spectrum of disorders. It used to refer to a fairly specific developmental disorder -- children who would only repeat an exclusive behaviour mainly.

According to: http://www.kylestreehouse.org/what_is_autism.cfm, the rate of autism is growing rapidly... I'm no expert, but I think it's likely due to the growing spectrum of diagnostic criteria.

To be honest, I was diagnosed in early childhood with autism. I learned to read and write on my own when I was 2, but I was 6 or so before I learned to talk to other people in complete sentences. I would doodle mazes and numbers on everything.

To this day I still sometimes falter and break-down when I get too anxious. I start to stutter and form broken sentences or forget what I was talking about altogether. Even online.

Hearing stories like this is interesting. People who can overcome shortcomings are always inspiring. If she truly is an Aspie, all the best to her.

doug Donovan

i loves me some tateru! :)

Kei Mars



Autistic and Proud! :D

Gareth Nelson

Please avoid using the term "aspergers patients". A patient is someone who is currently having medical treatment, and this is not true of all aspies.

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