Saturday, May 27, 2006


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Good luck and welcome to Mr. Ulaszewski. I am very interested in seeing how RL politics comes to be more and more a part of SL.

I have to say that the likelihood of his SL campaigning having any effect on his chances of winning are slim to none. Of all the new media tools out there for politicians, SL is at this stage probably the least likely to yield immediate election returns. He should concentrate on his My Space profile, blogging and more viral media.

I think that there is near term potential for small party organizers, i.e. the Greens, to get together in SL for more frequent virtual caucuses and strategy sessions. SL is becoming a good educational tool that could be easily applied to political party processes.

But as a way of reaching new constituents in your local district, SL just seems like a losing strategy.

Tom Boellstorff

Thanks for your comment, Rikomatic! Your skepticism is understandable - we're not really thinking that it will do that much either, just that it is an experiment worth trying. The interesting question is: does the skepticism come from the state of things like sl at this point in time, or is it a more fundamental issue? MySpace has proven helpful, so we thought we'd see if sl could play a role too. I'll add some more comments after the meet-and-greet later today (Sun May 28, 5pm sl time).

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