Thursday, June 15, 2006


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Gauisus Speculaas

Hey, WJ. I'll listen to the podcast and post back again if I get any mindstorms, but in my eversohumble experience podcasters can be the world's worst about having other stuff running on their machines while trying to enjoy a good SL session. I bet he's got a mess o' stuff running at startup. I'm sure Scott checked all that but it still may have something to do with his probs if he's not closing all his non-critical programs. Me, I find if I'm running a browser or two, Skype, Chatango, iPodderx, Gaim, and my email program with iTunes running in the background that thangs get a bit laggy :).

'Course I'm playin' on a PII laptop running Windows '95.

(Just kidding.)

epredator potato

I will certainly have a listen at this podcast. I notice you mention Alternate reality games. Another of my pet subjects. as in the article http://eightbar.co.uk/2006/05/20/second-life-3d-printers-and-args-all-in-one-post on eightbar.com

Hamlet Au

Good post, Mr. Potato. Far as ARGs, there's been several in SL, the most exciting to me being "Eva", which really needs to be revived:


Alexis Fairchild

BTW, Hamlet... Mr. Rubin's name is spelled Scot, not Scott; Heck, if someone can get a working version of Madden Football working in SL, then Scot Rubin would be immediately hooked on SL, lag or not :-D

As for his lagging when checking SL out, he probably had several things sucking up bandwidth on his system; that's a sure-fire lag creator when dealing with SL. I usually do not run any other programs when I run SL personally.

Bye bye for now,


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